Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Guide to Choosing Batteries for Trolling Motors


Choosing the best batteries to power your trolling motor and other marine accessories can be one of the most daunting experiences in boating. With so many options available it can be easy to end up confused by manufacturer recommendations, specifications, and what really matters in battery selection.

In this article, we’ll outline how to select the best trolling motor batteries for your boat in easy-to-understand terms so you can get out on the water with confidence.
Some of the topics we cover are:
  • Trolling Motor Battery Types (Lead-Acid, AGM & Lithium)
  • Deep Cycle Marine Batteries
  • Dual Purpose Marine Batteries for Trolling Motors
  • What is Group Size?
  • What is Amp-Hour Rating and why does it matter?
  • Cranking Amp Ratings Explained
  • Tips for Trolling Motor Battery Selection

Monday, May 27, 2024

Nishine Lure Works DS drop shot hook

 The new Nishine Lure Works DS drop shot hook is really something new. This new style of hook ensures baits run straight and swim naturally. You do have to use a specific knot but don't worry, it's easy to tie. Come along and learn all about the new Nishine Lure Works DS Drop Shot Hook.

Expertly crafted with precision and innovation, the Nishine Lure Works DS Hook Drop Shot Hooks rely on a specialized construction that is enhanced for the Drop Shot technique. Unique from other drop shot hooks on the market, these feature a modified 90-degree bend that is purpose-built to be a platform for the Snell Knot with an elongated tag end. The Snell Knot and modified bend work in tandem to hold your favorite finesse plastic in a perfectly horizontal position to tempt the most lethargic fish into biting. In addition to their innovative bends, the Nishine Lure Works DS Hook Drop Shot Hooks also feature extended shanks that are longer that most traditional drop shot hooks. These longer shanks enable anglers to use slightly bigger finesse baits while simultaneously optimizing hook up ratios thanks to the wider gaps that hook fish deeper in the lip rather than the teeth. An exciting improvement to the productive Drop Shot rig, the Nishine Lure Works DS Hook Drop Shot Hooks will help you put more fish in the boat when the conditions are challenging.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Lee frogs to second Heavy Hitters title, VanDam closes career with $100,000 big bass

For the second time in his career, Jordan Lee hoisted a Heavy Hitters champion trophy belt. Photo by Phoenix Moore

By Mitchell Forde

MLF Press Release

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — The first time Jordan Lee ever tasted tournament victory, competing on Lake Guntersville at age 17, he earned the win throwing a topwater frog. Ever since, he’s continued to hone his skills with his favorite technique, waiting for an opportunity to show them on the national stage.

When he finally got the chance at General Tire Heavy Hitters Presented by Bass Pro Shops on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Lee made sure to take advantage. 

Lee caught each of his seven scorable bass during Thursday’s Championship Round and nearly all his weight throughout the event walking a Berkley Swamp Lord over matted hydrilla on Lake Toho. His 27-pound, 14-ounce final-day total proved just enough to clinch a second Heavy Hitters championship belt.

“It doesn’t get any better,” Lee said. “It literally does not. I won my first tournament ever when I was 17 throwing a frog in stuff like that, and you don’t get the chance in any tournament, really, to throw it over grass like this.”


Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“No Information Rule” to include current BASS Open EQ anglers!

 To find out more on the matter, listen to Bill Lowen on Chirs Zaldain’s podcast. 

By Luigi De Rose

B.A.S.S. has now broadened their “no information rule” to include current BASS Open EQ anglers. Several BASS Elite anglers have voiced their disapproval that the 9 BASS EQ qualifiers for the 2024 Elites had opportunities to seek out experts and collect information prior to them qualifying for the Elite. BASS Open anglers were not under the same restrictions as Elite anglers regarding the “no information” rule.  The main thorn was that many of the 2023 BASS Open EQ who were well ranked in the points openly recruited information once the 2024 BASS Elite season was announced. They felt that their qualification for the Elite was a sure thing and began pre-fishing many of the venues of the 2024 Elite season. 

Several veteran Elite anglers have notified BASS and have been burned up social media and podcasts voicing their displeasure. Well their concerns have reached BASS and the rule has been changed.  BASS notified all 2024 Elite and Open anglers via text message late last week of the rule change but no official statement has been released.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Daiwa's New Lexa HD 500

Musky reel ideal for big swimbaits, Alabama Rigs and glide baits

Introducing the Daiwa Lexa HD 500, a reel that combines power, precision, and durability for the ultimate angling experience. Crafted with an aluminum frame and side cover, this reel is built to withstand the toughest conditions while remaining lightweight for comfortable handling. With a maximum drag of 30lbs, it's ready to tackle even the most formidable opponents.


The Magforce cast control system ensures smooth and precise casting, making it ideal for various fishing techniques. Its stainless drive gear guarantees long-lasting performance, even when battling hard-fighting fish. The Daiwa Lexa HD 500 is equipped with the Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) system, providing consistent and smooth drag pressure for maximum control.

With a 120mm swept handle, you'll have a secure grip and precise handling, allowing you to conquer the most challenging fishing scenarios. This reel can hold an impressive 250 yards of 65-pound braid, making it perfect for landing those trophy-sized fish. Whether you're targeting giants or enjoying a day on the water, the Daiwa Lexa HD 500 is your trusted partner in the pursuit of angling excellence. Elevate your fishing game with this reel that combines strength, control, versatility, and a capacity to handle the big ones.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Patrick Walters wins the 2024 Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray with 93 pounds, 15 ounces.

 Walters wins in dominating fashion at Lake Murray

Wire to wire win for Walters who sacks massive 26lb limit on final day. 
(Photo: BASS/Andy Crawford)

By David A. Brown

BASS Press Release

PROSPERITY, S.C. — Despite the gloomy weather, Monday brought bright prospects for Patrick Walters, who leveraged the opportunity to inflict a straight-up South Carolina smackdown en route to notching a wire-to-wire victory in the Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray.

Following Thursday’s storms, which postponed the event’s scheduled start to Friday, a mostly cloudy Day 1 saw Walters catch 25 pounds, 8 ounces and establish a lead of 3-3. Adding a second-round limit of 19-13 kept Walters on top and expanded his margin to 4-15. With 21-14 on Day 3, Walters carried a margin of 8-4 into the final round.

Saving the best for last, he rocked Championship Monday with 26-12 — the Rapala CrushCity Monster Bag of the Tournament worth a $2,000 bonus — and tallied an incredible four-day total of 93-15. Besting Missouri pro Cody Huff by 12-11, Walters won his third blue trophy and the $102,000 top prize. He also has two career wins in the St. Croix Bassmaster Opens presented by SEVIIN.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

2024 Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray Day 3: Patrick Walters Takes 9lb Lead into Final Day!

Canadians Chris Johnston 23rd, Cory Johnston 24th & Gustafson 44th. 

By David A. Brown

BASS Press Release

PROSPERITY, S.C. — The thrill of a blistering start more than offset any frustrations of a long dry spell, as Patrick Walters held on to his lead for a third day in the Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray.

Day 1 saw the two-time Elite Series champion from Eutawville, S.C., launch what has thus far been a dominant performance with the tournament’s heaviest bag — 25-8. That opening pace-setter gave Walters a 3-3 lead.

Adding a second-round limit of 19-13 kept him in the top spot and expanded his margin to 4-15. Then with 21-14 on Semifinal Sunday, Walters pushed his three-day total to 67-3 and now heads into Championship Monday with a margin of 8-4 over rookie JT Thompkins. (Severe weather postponed the event’s scheduled start by one day).

“I had most of my weight by 8:30,” Walters said. “It doesn’t matter when you get ’em or how you get ’em, as long as you get ’em in the boat.”

Since Day 1, Walters has done the majority of his damage by targeting the early-morning blueback herring spawn. Bass feed aggressively when these large baitfish become distracted with reproduction, so he has been mimicking the profile and motion of this food source with topwater baits and soft-plastic jerkbaits.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

2024 Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray Day 2: Patrick Walters Remains in the Lead!

Canadians Cory Johnston 11th, Chris Johnston 17th, Gustafson 41st & Gallant 55th

By David A. Brown

BASS Press Release

PROSPERITY, S.C. — Patrick Walters admitted he missed his goal by a few ounces, but you wouldn’t know it from the Day 2 standings.
After turning in an opening-round limit of 25 pounds, 8 ounces — the tournament’s heaviest bag — the pro from Eutawville, S.C., added 19-13. Tallying 45-5, Walters leads rookie J.T. Thompkins by 4-15, as the Top 50 anglers head into Semifinal Sunday of the Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray. (severe weather postponed the event’s scheduled start by one day).

“I knew it was going to be a slower day,” Walters said of the day’s calm, sunny conditions, which contrasted Friday’s cloudy, windy makeup. “The goal was to just survive and get 20 pounds, but I was just a few ounces shy of that.
“The sunny skies don’t bother me, but it means the bite is probably going to end quicker. At 9:30, it shut off for me and I felt like it did for the whole lake.”
At the day’s beginning, Walters knew he was facing a do-or-die scenario. With no time to dally, he went to work on the blueback herring spawn.

2024 Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray Day 1: Patrick Walters Smashes 25lbs and Lead!

Canadians Gustafson 26th, Chris Johnston 39th, Gallant 43rd Cory Johnston 60th. 

By David A. Brown

BASS Press Release

PROSPERITY, S.C. — With more than 48,000 acres, Lake Murray has plenty of places to find a bite. Dialing in the better ones is a process of elimination that favored home-state pro Patrick Walters.
Sacking up a limit of 25 pounds, 8 ounces, the pro from Eutawville, S.C., leads Day 1 of the Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite at Lake Murray.

Exemplifying the importance of multiple options, the two-time Elite Series champion leveraged the morning blueback herring spawn, but also found consistent action throughout the day.

“It’s important to have (a diverse game plan) because you can start on the wrong spot,” Walters said. “You need options because you can run around little bit and make a couple of decisions.”