Monday, October 3, 2022

Personal swimbait lessons from BASS Elite Star Chris Zaldain

Do you want a PERSONAL SWIMBAIT LESSON on LAKE FORK with me?? If so, we are auctioning off this very opportunity and all proceeds will go to benefit The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

I will also send the winner home with my favorite swimbait reel (which aren’t currently on the market), the rod I use & some of my hush hush prototype swimmers I haven’t allowed photos or video of yet.
Good luck!

Friday, September 30, 2022

Berkley’s Newest Crankbait – the Money Badger

New Berkley crankbait delivers aggressive tail thumping, balsa-like roll action tailored to both walleye, bass and crappie anglers

Key Features

• Maximum hard thumping and vibration with amplified side roll to draw in fish from a distance
• Tungsten weight transfer in three larger sizes for maximum casting distance
• Clicking sound profile is tuned to deliver the perfect balance of sound and action
• Hybrid baitfish-crawfish design delivers slow rise so the bait hangs on the pause
• Versatile bait can be cast or trolled and fished fast or slow without blowing out
• Embedded line tie delivers incredible stable tracking at all speeds with immediate recovery after pause
• Patented FlashDisc technology improves tracking stability and accuracy with a true balsa-like action
• Designed to crawl over rocks and wood
• Equipped with stout and sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks
The new Berkley Money Badger models include:
• 4 cm – diving 4 to 7 feet
• 5 cm – diving 8 to 10 feet
• 6.25 cm – diving 9 to 11 feet
• 6.75 cm – diving 10 to 12 feet
• 7.25 cm – diving 11 to 13 feet
Colors: Black Gold • Black Silver • Blaze • Korey’s Candy • Firetail Green Craw • Firetiger • FX Shad • Ghost Green Craw • Ghost Morning Dawn • Ghost Red Craw • Killer Craw • Northern Lights • Perch • Pink Pearl • Purple Glimmer • Root Beer Craw • Special Red Craw • Spring Craw • Sunset 84 • Vanilla Chartreuse
MSRP: $7.99 – 4cm & 5cm • $8.99 – 6.26cm, 6.75cm & 7.25cm
Available: September 2022

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Advanced Finesse Swimbaiting with BASS Elite Pro Chris Zaldain

Swimbaits are so popular. They work 12 months, 365 days of the year! Learn from Chris Zaldain, one of the best West Coast anglers who makes a living throwing a swimbait on the BASS Elite Tour. He'll explain advanced finesse swimbaiting techniques and presentations that on largemouth, smallmouth and spots.

Monday, September 26, 2022

New Baits from Berkley: PowerBait Bonefish and Curly Bones

New PowerBait MaxScent bait adds claws to a ned-style presentation giving anglers even more ways to catch fish

Bonefish Key Features

• Minnow profile swimbait designed for high action at the slowest of speeds
• Heavy ribbed body allow the bait to catch more water and stay suspended longer in current or static water
• Super thin tail allows more erratic action at the slowest speeds, in low current or on the drop
• Hook slot allows for easy rigging and better hook ups
• Heavy ribs provide more surface area for more PowerBait flavor
• Great on Jighead, Weighted Swimbait Hook, or Drop Shot
• Bonefish available in 2.5-inch and 3.25-inch

Curly Bones Key Features

• Hybrid “Rib Worm” design produces high action at the slowest of speeds
• Heavy ribbed body allow the bait to catch more water and stay suspended longer in current or static water
• Super thin ribbon style tail features a vertical orientation and activation tip to grab water and never stop moving at the slowest speeds, in low current, on the bottom or on the drop
• Hook slot allows for easy rigging and better hook ups
• Heavy ribs provide more surface area for more PowerBait flavor
• Made for Jigs, but great on a Weighted Swimbait Hook, or Drop Shot
• Curly Bones available in 3-inch and 4-inc

Thursday, September 22, 2022

B.A.S.S. Announces 2023 Bassmaster Opens Schedule With New Format For Elite Qualification

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The St. Croix Bassmaster Opens presented by Mossy Oak Fishing have grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. But the buzz has never been louder than it’s been since the announcement of the new Opens EQ (Elite Qualifiers) format in July — and now B.A.S.S. has officially announced where all of the excitement will take place in 2023.


On Tuesday, B.A.S.S. unveiled a slate of nine Opens — three each in three divisions — covering eight states from March into late October. Anglers fishing all nine events will be vying for an invitation to the Bassmaster Elite Series. The Top 9 anglers in the Bassmaster Opens Elite Qualifiers standings will earn an invitation to join the prestigious Bassmaster Elite Series in 2024. Individual event winners — including those who only fish one, three-event division — will be eligible for a berth in the 2024 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic.


“We’re so excited about this new format,” said Executive Director of Tournaments Hank Weldon, who oversees the Bassmaster Opens. “With the Opens EQ format, there is a clear path forward for those who want to make fishing a full-time career and prepare as much as possible while progressing toward the Elites. Those anglers’ abilities will be tested throughout the year on a variety of fisheries and prepare them for the cross-country rigors of the Elite Series. At the same time, those who only fish three events in one division will still be fishing for a dream chance to compete in the Bassmaster Classic.


“That excitement, plus the great fisheries we have on our schedule, will make 2023 so much fun for anglers and fans of the sport.”


Division 1 will serve as the starting point for the Opens season with an event March 2-4 on world-famous Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, Ala. Known as the “Bass Fishing Capital of the World” and the hometown of late fishing industry legend Tom Mann, the brushpile-laden Chattahoochee River fishery has hosted 17 major B.A.S.S. events since 1968.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Giant Smallmouth with a Ned Rig!

Click here for link. 
The Z-Man Ned Rig is one of the most effective finesse presentations an angler can cast. Listen to Dave Chong as he explains how he uses the Ned Rig for smallmouth. Dave Chong has won tournaments throughout the smallmouth range and knows how to make bass bite.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Yelas Retires From Bassmaster Elite Series To Serve Youth

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Bassmaster Elite Series angler Jay Yelas is retiring from tournament competition to concentrate on his work with the C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation.

“I decided to retire from tournament fishing to focus on running the C.A.S.T.  for Kids Foundation,” the 57-year-old said. “So I’ve fished my last tournament.”

Yelas, who won the 2002 Bassmaster Classic and was Angler of the Year the following season, was having a great 2022 Elite season when tendonitis in both elbows forced him out. The ambidextrous pro from Lincoln City, Ore., left mid-event and took a medical hardship despite being in the Top 15 after two days at the Simms Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork.

“That was a bummer for me,” said Yelas, who experienced excruciating shooting pains. “I was doing well at that event … I’ve never had to pull out of one before. My left arm was pretty much useless. I was like a one-armed bandit. I still can’t set the hook with my left arm. It’s getting a lot better than it was in May. I could hardly turn a reel handle at Fork.”

His position at Fork before he left had moved Yelas to 30th in Progressive Insurance Bassmaster Angler of the Year points and on course to qualify for his 17th Classic. But he couldn’t finish his 234th event with B.A.S.S., an organization he was proud to serve.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Connell Goes Back-to-Back on Mille Lacs, Clinches Third Win in 2022

By Mason Prince 

Bass Pro Tour Press Release 

ONAMIA, Minn. – It was a week of back-to-backs at the Bally Bet Stage Seven Presented by Minn Kota. First, it was Jacob Wheeler winning his second-straight AOY title on Tuesday. Today, it was his good friend Dustin Connell winning his second-straight event and his third of the year to round out the 2022 season in dramatic fashion.

Connell Holds off Walker for the Win

The win on Thursday was Connell’s fourth of his Bass Pro Tour career, counting REDCREST in 2021 on Lake Eufaula. Connell caught 20 bass for 82-9, narrowly escaping a surging David Walker by just 4 ounces.

Connell’s Championship Round didn’t start off too hot, however. Through his first two-and-a-half hours of fishing, he was only able to muster three scorable bass for 13-6. Although one of those three was a 6-pounder, Connell knew his first period wasn’t what it needed to be to win.

“I started out this morning really slow,” Connell said. “I felt like I couldn’t find a bass. Then I had 4-foot waves rolling into my boat, so that wasn’t great. Finally, I found my zone and I settled in during the second period.”

Connell exploded in the second period, catching eight bass for 30-15, shooting him right below Michael Neal into second place. That second period was made possible thanks to a waypoint Connell marked during his Knockout Round on Wednesday with time winding down in the day.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

MLF Issues Statement on Inadvertent Minnesota DNR Violations at Stage Seven on Mille Lacs Lake


ONAMIA, Minn. – Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Tournament Director Aaron Beshears issued the following statement today regarding the inadvertent Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fishing regulation violations at this week’s event at Mille Lacs Lake:

MLF Bass Pro Tour Rule No. 33 permits an angler to utilize a second line once per period. It was an oversight that this rule directly violated Minnesota DNR fishing regulations, and we did not properly communicate that to the anglers this week. Upon being made aware of the regulation, we immediately informed all Bass Pro Tour anglers in the competition that they were to immediately cease using two lines for the remainder of the event.

We contacted the Minnesota DNR, who clarified the violations, and we’re working closely with them to ensure that we’re in full alignment with state fish and game regulations.  

Bass Pro Tour anglers Jacob Wheeler and Alton Jones, Jr., have both received citations from the Minnesota DNR for violation of the two-line regulation. They have accepted responsibility, will pay their fines, and will face no further disciplinary action.

We apologize to the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota DNR, and the anglers and outdoorsmen and women of Minnesota, and we look forward to wrapping up our regular season in what has been a fantastic tournament for us here at Mille Lacs Lake.