Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Selling Fishing Brands in America 2012

In 2012, the top brands include:
  • Top rod brand: Shakespeare (10.0% of all purchases)
  • Top reel brand: Shimano (21.1% of all purchases)
  • Top combo brand: Shakespeare (18.3%of all purchases)
  • Top fishing line brand: Berkley Trilene, PowerPro (each 11.2% of all purchases)
  • Top hard bait brand: Rapala (23.5% of all purchases)
  • Top soft bait brand: Berkley Gulp, Zoom (12.8%, 12.6% of all purchases)
  • Top spinner bait brand: Strike King (18.5% of all purchases)
  • Top jig brand: Strike King (7.6% of all purchases)
  • Top hook brand: Gamakatsu (24.7% of all purchases)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Humminbird's 500 Series with Barry Graves

Barry Graves explains all the great features on the Humminbird 500 Series of units. These unit has it all: side imaging, down imagine and GPS. It really is a great unit.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


By Luigi De Rose

Much will be written about Cliff Pace's exasperating last day of the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees. He amassed two amazing 21 pounds creel on Day 1 and Day 2 of the tournament but Day 3 was a nail biter. Mathematically, many considered the Classic finished as Cliff had a 7 pound lead. Unless the world imploded around him, it was his tournament to loose. He almost lost it.

Here is a photo essay of the final day on the water with Cliff Pace. 

All photos are courtesy of BASS and kudos must be given to James Overstreet for his amazing photographic eye. 

The mild, southerly wind and clear skies forces Cliff to switch a jig from the Jackall jerk bait that was working so well the first two days. 

Cliff focused on any brush that he could find around the docks or steep banks. 

Cliff jumped from spot to spot like a mad man. He hit over 30 spots before 10:30 in the morning. The first two days, he only fished a handful of places. Sunday, he was zipping around wildly.
Many wondered if he was super focused or panicking. By noon and countless relocations, he still only had 2 bass. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013


The Top 3
  1. Cliff Pace
  2. Brandon Palaniuk
  3. Hank Cherry 

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC DAY3 : Today's Top Anglers

By Luigi De Rose

Mike was lucky to get them early.
(Photo: BASS)
Day 3 has be horrible for the top leaders except for Brandon Palanuik. Here are the top estimated catches of today's best catches. Remember, the leader Cliff Pace had a huge 7 pound lead but he has only 4 small ones as of 2pm Central time.

Here are today's best limits
Hank Cherry 17-08
Mike McClelland 16-14
Tracy Adams 14-08
Todd Faircloth 14-04
Bradon Palaniuk 13-00

The rest of the field is doing very poorly. Very sporadic catches and long gaps between bites. The BASS crew is worried that there will be a tie resulting in a fish-off on Monday.

Stay tuned!

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC: Day 1 &2 in Review

By Luigi De Rose

Palaniuk was on fire on day 2.
(Photo: BASS)
Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, Tulsa, OK, is a super weird lake! It is not considered a southern lake even though it is geographically located in the south. The bass are northern strain largemougth, which means they live and flourish in cool to cold water. Popular belief is that cold water means difficult fishing. Traditionally, sunny days and increasing air temperature, especially in the late winter period means success. On Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, all this conventional thinking is wrong. The majority of the field at this Classic wanted snow, wind and overcast conditions. Why? These Grand lake bass bite better when it is miserable.

Dotted by thousands of boat docks, one might think that the bass would be tucked up under them and the winning patterns would be pitching a jig to them. But, the majority of the leaders are targeting bass off the docks and using horizontal baits. Sunny, slick conditions kill the jerkbait bite. Crankbaits don't fair much better. 

Quick Tips for Success at the Classic
  • 45 degree rock bank
  • docks and points on main lake points
  • pea gravel
  • wind, rain, overcast conditions are best
  • local favourite is Swithwick Rogue
  • Jason Christie (local favourite and currently in ) started with the magnum Rogue in Silver/Blue
  • best bite in first few hours and late afternoon
  • Alabama rig is banned on Elite tournament trail but devastating on recent Grand Lake tournaments
  • Best jerkbaits: Jackall Sqaudminnow (Pace); Molix jerkbait (Iaconelli), Rogue (Christie and many others); Megabass Vision 110 (Martens and many others);Strike King (both Van Dams); Lucky Craft (Palaniuk)

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC Day 2: Pace Leads by 7 Pounds!

TULSA, Okla. — A consistent Cliff Pace of Petal, Miss., not only kept his first-day lead in the Bassmaster Classic presented by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa, he pulled away from the pack by 7 pounds in the second day of competition for $500,000 and the biggest trophy of pro bass fishing.
Pace shook off the angler who tied him for the lead Friday, Michael Iaconelli of Pittsgrove, N.J.
Pace has had two amazing days. Will Day 3 be the same?
(Photos: BASS)
With a Saturday catch that weighed 21 pounds, 12 ounces, Pace has racked up 43-4 over two days of competition on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees. His second-day weight was 4 ounces more than the 21-8 he brought to the scales Friday.
“I didn’t fish differently today at all,” Pace said. “For me, it’s been all about committing to the way I can catch the big ones. I took a big, big risk to do that. I think I’m doing something that has potential and will hold through tomorrow.”
He said Saturday started slowly for him, with his first bass coming about 10 a.m. He ended up catching the day’s largest bass, a 7-2 largemouth.
The Grand Lake event marks Pace’s fifth Classic appearance, but he’s never won one. He came close in 2008 on Lake Hartwell when he was second to Alton Jones of Texas.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC Day 2: Pace in Command!

By Luigi De Rose

Top 5
Place / Angler / Day 2 / Total (pounds)

  1. Cliff Pace 21-12  43-04
  2. Brandon Palaniuk  19-10  36-04
  3. Mike Iaconelli 13-11 35-03
  4. Hank Cherry 10-13  31-12
  5. Jason Christie 12-09  31-05
Move to come!

Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC Day 1: Standings


PlacePro Angler
1 Michael Iaconelli521- 8
1 Cliff Pace521- 8
3 Hank Cherry520-15
4 Kevin VanDam519-12
5 Tracy Adams519-10
6 Jason Christie518-12
7 Jonathan Carter518-11
8 Marty Robinson518- 8
9 Mike McClelland517-15
10 Edwin Evers516-13
11 Brandon Palaniuk516-10
12 Ott DeFoe516- 2
13 Jonathon VanDam516- 1
14 Shaw E Grigsby515-15
15 Mark Davis515-11


2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC Day 1: Ike and Pace Tied for 1st.

By Luigi De Rose

Day 1 is over and the battle is on!

Top 10

  1. Cliff Pace 21-8
  2. Mike Iaconelli 21-8
  3. Hank Cherry 20-15
  4. Kevin Van Dam 19-12
  5. Tracy Adams 19-10
  6. Jason Christie 18-12
  7. Jonathan Carter 18-11
  8. Marty Robinson 18-11
  9. Mike McClelland 17-15
  10. Edwin Evers 16-13


17 anglers have weighted and this is the top 3
  1. Cliff Pace 21-8
  2. Jonathan Carter 18-11
  3. Mike McCelland 17-15
  4. Randy Howell 14-15
  5. Dean Rojas 13-0

The Start of the 2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC!

Well, the start of the 2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC is underway! IBASSIN will have a wide range of daily coverage. Check in with us frequently each day for mid-day reports, tournament analysis, leader board up-dates, press releases and photo montages.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013’s Classic picks

So, who will win the Classic on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees?
Here are’s picks and why.

(Photos: BASS)
Jason Christie
It is statistically proven that hometown favorites have a slim chance of winning. Boyd Duckett is the only Classic Champ to ever do it. With that in mind, Jason Christie is our huge favourite. Not sure if it is divine intervention of this southern FLW pro winning the Northern Open on smallmouth bass but that is very odd series of events not to be ignored. Christie has local winter time experience on Grand plus he recently won a pre-spawn FLW event two years ago. He is playing it too cool and that is a sure sign he is hiding something.

Tommy Biffle
Tommy is another Oklahoma expert. He has the extra incentive of several missed Classic titles. Recently he has proven himself as an off-shore angler, mostly on the back of his Biffle Hard head and Bug, but who cares how he did it. He knows how to catch deep water bass. If he was still just a flipping expert, his chances would be limited. Plus, how fitting would it be for him to finally win a Classic in his home state. A definite career topper!

Kevin Van Dam
Come on, I would be a fool not to pick him. He is amazing a transitions and change. If the weather flickers from freezing to mild he’ll react accordingly. One down fall is the lack of grass in this lake. Van Dam is a master with grass. Grand is all rock, so that might be a downfall. In reality, KVD has no downfalls and this seasonal period is an off-shore jerk bait, crankbait and jig bite. He will get his fifth Classic and Grand Lake is a perfect setting for another KVD fest.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 BASSMASTER CLASSIC: Late Winter on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees

Skeet Reese enjoying the spoils of victory.
(Photo: BASS)
A lot is unknown about this Classic lake. Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, situated in northeast Oklahoma lies in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. A typical highland reservoir with several large rivers, it has a surface area of 46 500 acre and 1300 miles (2100km) of deep, rocky shoreline. Much has been written of the famed willow tree fishing but that is after the warm spring rains elevate the lake above its normal pool of 742 feet. Lake levels will remain slightly below normal pool but the forecast does indicate rain or snow.
B.A.S.S. has held events at Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, the sight on the 2013 World Championship, but usually during the summer or late fall. This year, winter has been true to form. Cold, windy and snowy lake conditions are what the 53 competitors faced during recent days. This has been the first real winter we have had in three years, so comparisons to the last few Classics are mere educated guesses. 

In recent years, the lake has undergone a residential boom. Numerous luxury homes now dot most shorelines. Several areas have adopted special by-laws restricting boat speeds and limiting fishing access. How much will these by-laws come into play during the tournament? This can only be determined once competition starts.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Jackall Flick Shake Worm with Simon Frost

The Flick Shake is a great finesse technique. Learn from Simon Frost about Jackall's Flick Shake worm and jig head. Jackall really has all you need.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Megabass FX Knuckle 60 Crankbait

Check out the new Megabass FX Knuckle 60 crankbait. Tommy Lee explains to IBASSIN how this crankbait has an adjustable lip that it runs shallow and deep. Super cool!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Score Up To $99 Value With Okuma Factory Rebates

Connect with the hottest gear of the season and receive factory cash or cash and Okuma Tournament jerseys. Helios rods and reels, Citrix rods and reels and all-new RTX spinning reels have factory sponsored promotions available through June 15th.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shimamo Stronger on Bass Master Elite Curcuit

IRVINE, Calif. – Taking another step in its involvement in tournament bass fishing, Shimano has signed ‘Elite’ anglers Jared Lintner, Cliff Pace and David Walker to fish select tackle from its stable of fishing brands, announces Bob Mahoney, marketing manager for Shimano. All three anglers will begin the new relationship at the upcoming Bassmaster Classic on February 22-24 on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.

Bass Talk 2013- Spring Fishing Show Special

One Week to Go!
BassTalk & the Spring Fishing & Boat Show have partnered up to present "The Most Informative Bass Fishing Seminar Series in Canada!" at the greatest possible venue. BassTalk 2013 will take place at the 2013 Spring Fishing & Boat Show on Mon. Feb. 18, 2013 starting at 8 AM concluding at 11 AM; doors will open at 7:30 AM. Four of Canada’s top bass pros will share their knowledge and experience in their detailed BassTalk exclusive presentations (Speakers & topics will be announced shortly). BassTalk is proud to team up with the Pallotta family and the Spring Fishing & Boat Show to bring BassTalk which is “Canadian Bass Pros Talking Canadian Bass Anglers!” to all bass anglers who hunger for knowledge. This partnership great decreases our costs in holding a BassTalk which allows us to provide all attendees with even greater value. As usual we’ll have many awesome silent auction items and draws. A few comments from past attendees, we’re only listing a few because if we listing them all this would become a novel.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris Hockley Moving Up in Pure Fishing

Chris Hockley, Canada's Marketing Manager, will be promoted to Berkley Brand Marketing Manager for Pure Fishing. Not only will this Ontario boy will be relocated to South Carolina, he'll be impacting the direction of Berkley on a global level.

Congratulations to Chris from the IBASSIN Team! He'll be a wonderful asset to the team.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drew Benton 2013 Walmart FLW Lake Okeechobee Champ!


Consistent week helps Benton on
cold front last day.
(FLW Photos)

CLEWISTON, Fla. – Twenty-four year-old rookie Drew Benton of Panama City, Fla., was fishing in his first event as a professional this week and caught a 7-pound kicker bass with only seven minutes to spare to win the Walmart FLW Tour on Lake Okeechobee presented by Mercury on Sunday. That fish pushed Benton’s day 4 weight to 13 poounds, 4 ounces and his total four-day weight to 75 pounds, 7 ounces and was enough to best 174 of the top bass anglers in the world to earn him a $100,000 paycheck. Finishing in second place was Keystone Light pro Brent Ehrler of Redlands, Calif., who weighed in 20 bass totaling 70 pounds, 8 ounces.
“Fishing in my first ever Tour event, I never expected this,” said Benton, whose previous high finish was a 14th-place effort in EverStart competition on Lake Seminole. “I have to pay my entry fees all on my own, so this is such a big step for me. Now I can actually relax and fish for the rest of the year and not have to worry about just making a check.”
Like Saturday, Sunday’s fishing conditions were windy and tough. Benton made several runs back and forth to areas in South Bay and Turners Cove and burned through ¾ of a tank of gas by scrambling to try and catch enough weight.
“It was such a grind,” Benton said. “I started the day in South Bay, then went to Turners. Nothing was happening there, so I went back to South Bay and checked it again. I fished there for three hours and was only able to catch two keepers. So, I ran back to Turners and was able to finish out a small limit. I didn’t catch my limit of fish until 1:45 p.m. I told the camera man that I had to run and try and catch a big one. So I made the run back down to South Bay, and that’s when I got the kicker.”
Benton said the kicker – a 7-pound Okeechobee behemoth – came while throwing an entirely different bait than he had used all week.
“I had thrown a PGM Lures bladed swimjig all day and not had one bite on it,” Benton said. “I decided to try a Hildebrandt white and gold-bladed spinnerbait, and it bit.”

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 FLW Lake Okeechobee Day 3: Huge Flip Flop Lands Benton in Lead

By Luigi De Rose

Strong north wind wrecks havoc with the Top 20 anglers on day 3 of the first stop of the 2013 FLW tour. Day 2 leader Rick Cotton, only lands 3 bass for 7 pounds, dropping him to second. A far cry from his 30-03 bag yesterday,  Cotton remains optimistic as the wind will shift from the north to south east. He feels it will help productive areas remain sheltered and clear.

Consistency has propelled Florida angler Drew Benton into first. He only brought 15 pound to the scales today but on the back of two 23 pound days, today' limit was enough to push him pass all others. He was unsure how day 4 will unfold but is glad to be leading.

Tremendous fishing pressure and two cold fronts seemed to take their toll but on everyone except Brent Ehrler. He's sitting in 3rd with the day's best catch of 20-02 pounds. As for the rest of the Top 20, many had dismal results scattering the leader board. Brent is sharing his main area with Chad Grigsby might succumb to over fishing. Chad's catch of 10 pounds dropped him all the way to 8th place.  Wade Henricks and Mike Neil, both of Tennessee round out the rest of the top 5.

Sunday, the last day, will be very interesting. A wind switch, more large spawning bass advancing toward top anglers and a limited field should make for a nail biting final weigh-in.

Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Walmart FLW Lake Okeechobee Day 2: Smashing 30 Pound Bag Sends Cotton to Lead.

FLW Press Release
CLEWISTON, Fla. – In the days leading up to the Walmart FLW Tour on Lake Okeechobee presented by Mercury, many pros lamented the tougher fishing conditions and most predicted that no one would break the 100-pound mark this year. Rick Cotten of Guntersville, Ala., ignored the dock talk and now leads a full field of 174 of the world’s best bass-fishing pros in the four-day event that has competitors casting for a top cash award of up to $125,000.
Massive catch sends Cotton into lead.
(Photo: FLW outdoors)
Cotten weighed in the first 30 pound stringer of the tournament Friday – a five-bass limit weighing 30 pounds, 3 ounces – to vault to the top of the leaderboard after finishing day one in second place. After two days of competition Cotten has weighed in 10 bass totaling 54 pounds, 3 ounces and is well on pace to break the 100-pound mark. Cotten now holds a 7 pound, 3 ounce lead over Drew Benton of Panama City, Fla., who caught five bass today weighing 23 pounds, 9 ounces. Benton has weighed in 10 bass totaling 47 pounds even after his first two days on the water.
“There’s a lot of work left to do,” said Cotten, who has one previous top-20 finish on the FLW Tour – a 12th-place finish on Kentucky Lake in 2012 . “If I had a 20-pound lead I’d be tickled. But, I don’t. I placed third in an EverStart event on Guntersville last year and finished 12th at Kentucky (Lake). I’ve never led a tournament this big before.

2013 Walmart FLW Lake Okeechobee Day 1: Martin Leads with 26-12

FLW Press Release
By Brett Carlson
CLEWISTON, Fla. – While many in the industry expected Casey Martin to thrive after moving to the front of the boat, few thought his success would come so quick. Martin, the Canadian-born pro who now lives in New Market, Ala., whacked a 26-pound 12-ounce stringer Thursday to lead the 175-boat field at the 2013 Walmart FLW Tour opener on Lake Okeechobee.
Casey Martin took lead with his 6 1/2 pounder
coming on the first cast. 
While the bite certainly improved, as evidenced by 157 limits (including seven over 20 pounds), Okeechobee is still fishing “different.” Many of the sport’s best mat punchers struck out (Randall Tharp 81st, Scott Martin 93rd, JT Kenney 113th, Mike Surman 140th) while others found no discernible pattern. At this point, the best strategy might be to try a little bit of everything – which is exactly what the 32-year-old rookie did.
“On my first cast I caught a 6 1/2-pounder; the net wasn’t even out yet,” said Martin, who left a career in electrical engineering to pursue his dream of bass fishing. “The momentum just went from there. I had a 12-pound limit early, which I knew would keep me in check range and then I just went running all over the place. I checked spots I fished during the EverStart (event) and a bunch of other stuff that looked good. At noon I had about 20 pounds.”
Martin hit four or five different areas and burned almost two tanks of gas. He explained that with the improved bite he wanted to reexamine several areas that weren’t producing in practice. As he suspected, several of them turned on as the water clarity improved and the temperature rose. Interestingly, the pro leader said he would only receive one big bite from each area.
“I think some guys just hunker down in an area and just fish, where I just ran to the best spots in certain areas. I think that’s what made the biggest difference.”
Each of Martin’s three big fish weighed just over 6 pounds and each were caught on different baits. Those three baits were a green-pumpkin-colored Z-Man ChatterBait, a bluegill-colored Omega Custom Tackle swim jig and a flipping jig. The early limit Martin boxed came from flipping as well. In total, he said he managed around 12 to 15 keepers.
“I did a little bit of everything. I like to fish for five of the right bites and if I get them I get them. If I don’t I’ll have my tail between my legs, but I am OK with that. And Florida is just a matter of getting the right bites so that really suits me.”
Martin is fishing out of Bryan Thrift’s old Ranger and joked after weigh-in that the Chevy pro must have left his horseshoe in one of the compartments. But the reality of the situation is that Martin is no ordinary rookie. That was clear after he won three FLW Tour events as co-angler in just two years.
“Coming into my first event as a pro, I just didn’t want to bomb out. There is a lot of pressure coming into your first event, and I really didn’t want to let anybody down. Practice was really tough, and I didn’t want everyone thinking that I couldn’t make it as a pro. I knew that if I did well in this event it would set the pace for the rest of the year.”
Cotten second
Cotton took all day for his weight.
Like Martin, the action was fast and furious for second-place pro Rick Cotten this morning, but for the wrong reasons.
“First thing my co-angler catches a pair of keepers and then his big fish, which was over 6 pounds,” explained the Guntersville, Ala., pro. “At that point I thought I was doing something wrong. Then at about 8:30 I moved areas and caught 10 keepers, which was all of my weight. Then as soon the wind got up the bite died, but I got what I got from that area and left.”
Cotten said he had no intention of hitting that spot, seeing that it only produced 2-pounders in practice. But he’s glad he did. His best five largemouths weighed 24 pounds even and his kicker registered 7-4.
“I think the females just moved in and I was fortunate. Everyone I caught came on a jig.”
Cotten went on to compliment his co-angler, Ron Shearer, who was a cool customer in a big spot.
“When I hooked that big one, there was a ChatterBait rod stuck in the net. Instead of panicking, my co-angler dove at the fish with the rod and reel pinned and we got her in. Ninety-nine percent of co-anglers would have panicked there and tried to get the rod and reel out first.”
Benton third
Drew Benton also enjoyed a dream first day as an FLW Tour pro.
“I like to sight-fish and I caught one off the bed this morning, but I did a lot of pitching and casting too,” said the Panama City, Fla., native. “When I came down here I was really expecting to sight-fish a whole lot more than I have. That’s really my strong suit down here. Every time I come down, I feel like I can compete when I can I catch them off the beds, but this year there hasn’t been that many move up.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

FLW Touring Pro Cody Myers Joins Shimano

Noted bass angler Cody Meyer from Grass Valley, Calif. is now on board with Shimano’s expanding pro staff, casting Jackall baits on Shimano rods matched with PowerPro-filled Shimano reels, announces Bob Mahoney, marketing manager for Shimano. Meyers begins his new affiliation with the Shimano brand at the upcoming FLW Tour stop at Lake Okeechobee starting February 7.
            “Cody has been a great asset to Jackall Lures, and we look forward to him helping us bring even more awareness to not only Jackall, but also Shimano and PowerPro as well,” Mahoney said. “He’ll be assisting our team at tournaments, dealers functions and tackle shows as his schedule allows, plus we’ll be listening to him for input on rods, reels, line and lures.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BassTalk 2013-“A Match Made in Heaven”

Come Learn with Bass Talk
BassTalk & the Spring Fishing & Boat Show have partnered up to present "The Most Informative Bass Fishing Seminar Series in Canada!" at the greatest possible venue. BassTalk 2013 will take place at the 2013 Spring Fishing & Boat Show on Mon. Feb. 18, 2013 starting at 8 AM concluding at 11 AM; doors will open at 7:30 AM. Four of Canada’s top bass pros will share their knowledge and experience in their detailed BassTalk exclusive presentations (Speakers & topics will be announced shortly). BassTalk is proud to team up with the Pallotta family and the Spring Fishing & Boat Show to bring BassTalk which is “Canadian Bass Pros Talking Canadian Bass Anglers!” to all bass anglers who hunger for knowledge. 

2013 FLW Lake Okeechobee Tournament

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Trigger X Buzz Tail and Drop Dead Minnow

Drop Dead Minnow 
            Inspired by pro anglers, the Drop Dead Minnow looks like an average fluke-style bait but this maniac swimmer has a few tricks to entice the strike. At 5 inches long, this do-everything minnow can be jerked for a classic style action: kill it and it glides, rocks and flutters with its own unique song and dance. The Drop Dead Minnow is available in 12 top-to-bottom dual or solid colors and comes eight pieces per package.
<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Suggested retail price: $4.99.

Buzz Tail Worm 
        The Buzz Tail Worm is a hybrid experiment gone right. Featuring Trigger X’s classic, worm-body style with a hard slapping, full-of-attitude minnow style paddle tail, it will have bucket mouths bubbling for more. Two baits in one, this tackle box staple can be fished Texas style or on a jig, and displays a gliding, thumping action right out of the package. Split the tail and the Buzz Tail Worm rockets with a world-class topwater buzzworm action. Suffocated with Ultrabite® Pheromones, this 6-inch worm is available in 10 must-have color patterns and comes eight pieces per package.
Suggested retail price: $4.99.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Yamaha's New 200 Hp Four Stroke Outboard Engine

Come check out Yamaha's Brand New 200 HP Four Stroke Outboard. Come with and learn about all the features of this totally new engine.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jackall's Squadminnow 128 sp

Another jerk bait in Jackall's line up is the Squadminnow. Three versions, 128sp, 115sp and 95ps are available in 13 colours patterns. The 128sp is the largest and heaviest of the three. Ideal for late winter bass or pre-spawn. It will be a definite winner for Great Lake smallmouth or any other place bass feed on suspended bait.

Squadminnow 128 sp
  • suspending model
  • length: 5.1"long (128mm)
  • weight: 3/4oz (21g)
  • dives to approximately 3 feet
  • 13 colour patterns
  • 3 ultra sharp treble hooks
  • weight transfer system 
  • 2 ultra-sharp trebles
  • made in Japan
  • oval line tie 
The finishes are truly special. 
Close up of the shallow lip and eye.