Saturday, March 31, 2012

Walmart FLW Table Rock Lake Day 3: How are the catching them?

By Luigi De Rose
Table Rock Lake, in the heart of the Ozarks, is always a challenging fishery. It has plenty of fish but the lake is enormous with large portions being ultra clear. With a balmy March, the majority of the lake's largemouth, smallmouth and spots began spawning.  A blessing for many who are skilled at sight fishing but a curse for many others. Focusing on spawning beds is a spring time ritual. When the timing is spot on catches can be phenomenal. Tremendous patience plus keen eyes are key. If you lack either trail you're wasting your time.

Getting ready to spawn.
(Photos: FLW outdoors)
Sight fishing is just one approach to catching spring bass. Hunting for staging areas is another great strategy. Bass will congregate just before they migrate to spawning areas. Catching can be feast or famine. As bass school up, finding them can be very rewarding if you can locate them. Find the right wad of pre-spawn females the trophy will surely be yours.

These are the fishing conditions anglers faced this week at this week's Walmart FLW tournament. The hot spell triggered a tremendous surge of bass towards the shoreline.  With warming waters, the spawning ritual was in full spring in most sections of the lake. With so many bass being shallow, one common problem arose; bass were becoming timid. A combination of falling water levels and the onslaught of boats, bass bolted at the first poorly flung cast. Most expected this tournament to be won with spawning bass. Many boasted of the amount of fish they located but by the end of day 2, where the field is cut down to the top 20 anglers, few sight fishermen remained.

The strongest patterns seem to be two fold: stained water and transitioning bass. Unfortunately, limited areas of the lake held stained water. Bass seemed less spooky in these areas so catching them wasn't difficult once they were located.
King is cranking.

The other key was areas where the bass remained in deeper water. Kyle Welcher , Stacy King and day 1 leader Blake Nick focused on finding bass between the deep and spawning shorelines. As the fish moved towards the shallows, these anglers were waiting for them. Crankbaits and jerkbaits proved well along with the Alabama rig. Spence Shuffield, son of legendary angler Ron Shuffield, used a three-armed Alabama rig around standing pole timber with great results, he is in fourth position at the end of day 3. He gave his father a few pointers after day 1 but it wasn't enough to keep Ron within the top 20 cut even with his great second day catch of 19-10lbs. 

Saturday, day 3, seems to have the bass in this stained water inching closer to spawning.
Interestingly, the majority of the top 10 are within the same 8 km (4 mile) section of Table Rock.
Several who focused on transitional areas faulted. Welcher, who was having amazing catches by cranking and lead on day 2, fell to fifth place. His 9-07 pounds catch was very disappointing considering he sacked 24-08lbs the day before. Day 3 leader Brent Long has been pitching. His shallower approach might be the ticket on Sunday as the bass continue to advance into spawning. It is unclear if second place angler Stacy King cranked the entire day. He is a local and adjusts well during this transition phase. He has been cranking the majority of the tournament but is skilled enough to mix in other techniques if conditions change.

Will there be enough bass to be caught by slinging Alabama rigs or cranking or have the bass passed these anglers only to be caught by anglers pitching to shoreline cover?

Stay tuned!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Walmart FLW Table Rock Lake Day 2: Rookie 1st, Legend in 2nd

Kyle is leading with the help of a 24-08 lb sack. Today with his
co-angler they brought in over 40 pounds for 10 bass.
(Photo: Shaye Baker FLW) 
BRANSON, Mo. – The pressure mounted Friday at the Walmart FLW Tour Major on Table Rock Lake presented by Kellogg’s as a full field of pros from all across the United States, Canada, Spain and Japan continued their four-day battle for a top cash award of up to $125,000. But nobody told Friday’s rookie pro leader that professional bass fishing was supposed to be difficult.
Nineteen-year-old Kyle Welcher of Opelika, Ala., took the lead after weighing a five-bass limit for a massive 24 pounds, 8 ounces. Welcher’s two-day catch of 10 bass weighing 44 pounds, 4 ounces gives him a 2-pound, 4-ounce lead heading into the third day of the tournament.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walmart FLW Table Rock Lake Day 1: Blake Nick Steals the Show

Blake Nick with the top weight for day 1.
(Photo: Rob Newell FLW)
BRANSON, Mo. – Professional bass anglers from all across the United States, Canada, Spain and Japan began their four-day battle for a top cash award of up to $125,000 on Thursday at Table Rock Lake. Just a few short weeks after an incredible event on Lake Hartwell, the pros were eyeing Table Rock and anticipating a sight-fishing event for bedding bass.
So the fact that Blake Nick of Adger, Ala., who weighed a five bass limit for 21 pounds, 4 ounces, led the tournament after the first day of competition may have raised some eyebrows. Nick now holds a slim 3-ounce lead over OFF! pro Terry Bolton of Paducah, Ky., who caught five bass weighing 21-1.
“I’m horrible at sight fishing,” Nick said. “I saw them doing their thing during practice, and on the last day of practice I had just had enough of it and went and tried to find my own thing I could do. I’m not looking at them at all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy Times!

The last few weeks have been crazy for anyone in fishing. If you worked or visited shows, I hope you enjoyed them. Sports shows are great and it is fun to see all the new tackle and chat with friends. I had the pleasure to enjoy dinner with Ontario OUT OF DOORS magazine's Senior Editor Gord Ellis. We always head out of Japanese food. This year, fellow OOD writer Drew Myers came with us. Drew is a great angler and hunter. Unfortunately, for me, he lives way the hell up in northern Ontario. I think it is closer if I drive to Florida from my house than it is to visit him. We got to spend a morning float fishing for steelhead trout but the water levels were high and murky. Still it was fun to get out. Too bad Drew lives too far away. One day I'll make the trek to visit him.

While at the Toronto Sportsmen Show I shot a few videos and chatted about some new tackle.  A few videos have been released with another three coming soon. One thing is clear, companies want your business. Everyday I have to weed through discount ads and promotions attracting anglers. Sorry if you're getting tired of seeing them but who doesn't love discounts and free stuff. I personally cannot say no to a good deal. Anyways, there are a few more promotional stuff and contests coming so keep a look out.

One thing I have been having great difficultly finding is suitable jigheads for the Alabama rigs. I have a few rigs without jigs to go with them. I'm trying to find ones that are 1/16oz or 1/8oz  but with a larger 3/0 or 4/0  hook. I want the hook to hold the bait and fish well without the weight to bog down everything. I see plenty of 3/8oz jigs but I'm not interested. Another thing is that I have to keep the rig as weedless as possible but most jigs are poured with a 90 degree hook. I find 60 degree jigs way better for slipping through the grass.

If you have any suggestions, please email your personal choices. I've been looking high and low.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and I'll be trying to keep the blog fresh everyday. The next FLW tournament looks like bed fishing fest. Should be interesting.
See you soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee Day 4: Ish Wins and Tops the 100lb Mark!

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. — When Ish Monroe wins in the Bassmaster Elite Series, he goes big.
Monroe of Hughson, Calif., won the Power-Pole Slam Sunday on Lake Okeechobee with a four-day total of 108 pounds, 5 ounces. It was his second Elite win. In his first, six years ago on Lake Amistad in the inaugural event of the newly formed series, he also totaled more than 100 pounds — 104-8 to be exact.
Ish lead wire to wire and smashed two 30 pound plus bags.
(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)
“Winning with over 100 pounds is awesome,” said Monroe, who took home $100,000 and an instant berth into the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. “I really wanted to break my own record today, and it feels really good.”
His Sunday check pushed his Bassmaster career earnings to over $1 million. Weighing more than 100 pounds of bass over four days gave him a second entry in what’s known as the Century Club, an exclusive group of Bassmaster Elite Series pros who have busted the mark.
Monroe’s performance at the Power-Pole Slam was a complete turnaround from his 96-place finish at last week’s Elite event on the St. Johns River, which Monroe called “a mental screw-up” and a wrong turn in his quest to qualify for the 2013 Classic.

Ish Monroe Wins with 108-05 pounds!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee Day 3: Giant Bass Come to the Scales (Photo Essay)

By Luigi De Rose

The Top 50 anglers just finished the third day of competition on Lake Okeechobee. Man was there a lot of big bass caught. Usually, in multi-day tournaments the action slow by day 3 for most but the anglers at the top but not at the Big O. Huge bass and plenty of them make it to the scales. Here is a run down on the best catches of the day.

In second place, Chris Lane had 31-03 lbs. Fourth place anlger Shaw Grigsby had 30-07. Terry Scroggins netted 24-11 and fifth. Brent Chapman bagged 26-14 and captured sixth. KVD made a huge leap with his 28-11 pounds of bass and is sitting in seventh. He also landed the tournament's largest bass, a 8-14 pound giant.

Many of the Bassmaster Pro anglers who didn't have an amazing day still nailed at least one bass over 6lbs. It's truly amazing to see so many large bass brought to the scales.

Is this touranment over? No chance and Ish knows it. Considering this is south Florida, there are so many 10 pound plus class largemouths swimming around its scary. Anyone who can hook one of these trophies can jump from anywhere from within the final 12 places to grab the trophy on Sunday. Should be a super Sunday.

Check out these beauties!

Photos by James Overstreet (BASS)

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee Day 3: Ish Still on Top but Lane Closing In!

Ish is holding on by his catch dropped dramatically.
(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)
OKEECHOBEE, Fla. — Nothing short of a heroic effort Saturday could have knocked Ish Monroe of Hughson, Calif., off his lead of 13 pounds, 11 ounces in the Bassmaster Elite Series Power-Pole Slam on Lake Okeechobee.
Meet Chris Lane, almost-hero. He brought 31 pounds, 3 ounces, to the scales Saturday and put it up against Monroe’s 18 pounds, 2 ounces. The result was Monroe, 77-6, Lane 76-12. Suddenly, after trailing Monroe from afar after two days, Lane was only 10 ounces behind.
That sets up Sunday’s finale to be the Ish vs. Chris showdown for $100,000 and an instant qualification for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.
Even the third-place pro after three days, Skeet Reese of Auburn, Calif., with 62-4 was 15-2 behind Monroe. Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Fla., jumped up into fourth from 41st place with a big day of 30-7 and 56-13 overall, but still 20-9 in back of Monroe. Fifth with 56-8 was Terry Scroggins of San Mateo, Fla., trailing Monroe by 20-14.
Monroe had not been complacent about a 13-plus cushion going into Saturday. Then, with 18-2 for the day, he knew Lane could make a charge, but Monroe wasn’t expecting to lose the ground he did.
“It (18-2) was a decent bag, but when a guy catches 31, what else is left in there?” Monroe said.
“I just went fishing,” Lane said. “This is a four-day event. Anybody can come from behind in these things. All these guys have smashed them. Anybody in the Top 12 could do something amazing tomorrow.”
Lane was referring to the final cut to the Top 12 for Sunday’s competition.

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee Day 2: Ish Take Command of the Big O

Ish says he won't relax until he wins.
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
OKEECHOBEE, Fla. — Smashing a six-year-old Bassmaster Elite Series record and threatening others, Ish Monroe increased his lead Friday to 13 pounds, 11 ounces, in the Power-Pole Slam over his nearest challenger, 2012 Bassmaster Classic champion Chris Lane.
Monroe of Hughson, Calif., weighed in 24-15 Friday to add to his gigantic first-day sack of 34-5 for a two-day total of 59-4 on Lake Okeechobee. Lane, who won Bassmaster events on Okeechobee in 2006 and 2010, had 45-9 for second place, moving up from fourth.
Monroe isn’t claiming anything, even with 13-plus pounds as a cushion.
“I want a 40-pound lead to be comfortable. Anything can happen tomorrow,” he said.
In third with 41-3, Jeff Kriet of Ardmore, Okla., trailed Monroe by 18-1. Fourth place was taken by 2009 Classic winner Skeet Reese of Auburn, Calif., with 39-14. Fifth was held by Lakeland, Fla., Elite rookie Kyle Fox, who had 38-5. Sixth was Todd Faircloth of Jasper, Texas, who was the runner-up at the Elite Series event last week on Florida’s St. Johns River.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee Day 1: Ish Whacked Them!

That's what 34-05 of bass looks like.
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
OKEECHOBEE, Fla. — Ish Monroe of Hughson, Calif., had one of those magical days all pros dream about: hauling aboard lunker after lunker after lunker. The five best ones added up to 34 pounds, 5 ounces, and the first-day lead in the Power-Pole Slam on Lake Okeechobee by 8 pounds, 12 ounces, over Davy Hite.
So good was his day, Monroe was able to cull a 6-plus-pounder, trading it in for what turned out to be his largest of the day, a 7-11.
He said he caught every fish flipping a creature bait called the D-Bomb — made by Missile Baits, a company owned by one of his fellow Bassmaster Elite Series pros, John Crews. Monroe rigged it for a large profile, “and those big ones just seemed to hit it,” he said.
All his fish came from an area he knew about from previous Okeechobee tournaments. He expected it to produce, but it exceeded his expectations Thursday.
“I thought it would be good for 20 pounds, which I’ve caught there before. But I never caught what I did today,” he said.

2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee

First guy to weigh in is Ish Monroe and his total was 33-05lbs and one 7 pounder!

Bobby Lane is second to weigh in and he has 21 pounds.

This is going to be a wild tournament.

Rapala's Shift Reels with Davis Viehbeck and IBASSIN

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown Day 4: Alton Claims Victory!

PALATKA, Fla. — Alton Jones’ Sunday victory on the St. Johns River was all the sweeter for the redemption sprinkled on top.
Alton admires his hardwear.
(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)
He finally got the St. Johns Bassmaster Elite Series win that slipped through his fingers last season. That memory, and the fact that he ran out of time Sunday to entice a lunker he could see on a bed, gave the pro from Woodway, Texas, a few tense moments as he was waiting for the final-day trek to the scales. He was feeling shaky despite the 9-pound lead he had going into the day.
But win he did, with 75 pounds, 9 ounces and by a margin of 1 pound, 2 ounces, over runner-up Todd Faircloth of Jasper, Texas.
“I am absolutely speechless that I won. I entered the weigh-in line today thinking I had lost this tournament. It was a complete reversal of fortune from last year,” he said. “That’s all gone now. It always feels good to win.”
What he won was $100,000 and an instant berth in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. He also is leading the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown Day 3: Jones Maintains Lead

By Deb Johnson
Alton is on a roll. Will his spawning fish last?
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
PALATKA, Fla. — Alton Jones, leading the St. Johns River Showdown by more than 7 pounds going into Saturday’s competition, padded his lead by the end of the day to 9 pounds, 1 ounce, setting himself up to be hard to catch in Sunday’s final round.
But even with 62 pounds, 14 ounces over three days, Jones of Woodway, Texas, still has some work to do to claim his first Bassmaster Elite Series event title. His top threats include Todd Faircloth of Jasper, Texas, in second with 53-13; Greg Hackney of Gonzales, La., third with 51-3; Keith Combs of Huntington, Texas, fourth with 48-7; and Cliff Crochet of Pierre Part, La., fifth with 48-6.
Jones is on the verge of being able to rewrite his own St. Johns River history. In March 2011, he led the Elite Series event on the St. Johns going into the final day. But Edwin Evers and Terry Scoggins stepped up their game, and Jones’ Day Four catch was so-so. He finished in third place, his lead of 2-plus pounds not enough to carry him.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown Day 2: Alton Jones Rockets into Lead.

By Deb Johnson
Alton's monster sack of 28-07 gave him a solid lead.
(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)
PALATKA, Fla. — Alton Jones, leading the Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St. Johns River by 7 pounds, 4 ounces, on the second day, could easily feel like he’s been dropped into the plot of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day.
One year ago on the same fishery, Jones led the Elite Series field after two days by 7 pounds, 9 ounces. He finished the tournament in third place, coming up short of fulfilling his goal of a first Elite Series win. Now, like Murray in the movie, he has a chance to change the ending of the story.
Jones, the 2008 Bassmaster Classic champ from Woodway, Texas, brought a whopping 28 pounds, 7 ounces to the scales Friday, jumping from 17th place into the lead at the season opener with a two-day total of 44-14.

Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown Day 2: The Top 10

The Top 10 / Two day total
1. Alton Jones

2. Rick Morris

3. David Walker
4. Todd Faircloth
36- 6
5. Brent Chapman
36- 2
6. Matthew Herren
7. J Todd Tucker
33- 9
8. Randy Howell
9. Dean Rojas
32- 7
10. Terry Scroggins

2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown Day 1: Two 8 Pounders Help Tucker Take Lead.

By Deb Johnson
PALATKA, Fla. — He refused to give up on the behemoth bass sitting on the bed. Twice he thought he had her, twice he lost her. The third time was the proverbial charm as the bass committed to J Todd Tucker’s bait.
J Todd Tucker take the lead. Sight fishing was key.
(Photos: James Overstreet BASS)
“That was the key to my day,” he said of the bass that weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces, as he took the lead with 24-0 on the first day of the St. Johns River Showdown, the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series season opener.
Catching the 8-6 was just how he started his day. He repeated with an 8-3 taken off a bed in another spot. That one was somewhat of a surprise for Tucker, who said he had counted on only one kicker a day from the areas he scouted in practice earlier in the week.
Tucker, of Moultrie, Ga., has three more days before he can claim his first Elite Series win, and there are many challengers for the $100,000 title. Tucker was only 2 ounces in front of Greg Hackney of Gonzales, La., who had 23-14 Thursday. Bill Lowen of Brookville, Ind., was third with 22-3; Rick Morris of Lake Gaston, Va., was fourth with 21-12; and Cliff Crochet of Pierre Part, La., was fifth with 21-5.
Yet, Tucker hinted, there’s another giant out there. He saw it Thursday sitting on a bed. He caught two male bass on the same bed.

Monday, March 12, 2012


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Abu Garcia Pro Chris Lane Wins the 2012 Bassmaster Classic


Chris Lane brought 51 pounds 6 ounces to the scales using his Revo reels to ultimately claim the 2012 Bassmaster Classic title. Now through April 15th, 2012 you can save $30 on the same reel that Chris Lane used to win the Classic.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walmart FLW Lake Hartwell Day 4: Brent Ehrler is Champ!

California pro nets fourth FLW Tour victory in dominating fashion      
11.Mar.2012 by Gary Mortenson
ANDERSON, S.C. – All week long, Brent Ehrler of Redlands, Calif., said that he didn’t want to be in first place until after the final day of competition on Lake Hartwell. Well, he lived up to his word. Using a whopping 20-pound, 5-ounce catch as a springboard during Sunday’s finals, Ehrler effectively ran away with the title – boasting a total catch of 74 pounds, 13 ounces to walk away with the fourth FLW Tour victory of his career by out-fishing his next closest competitor by more than 3 full pounds.
Brent worked the deep water to perfection.
(Photos: Gary Mortenson FLW)
If it wasn’t clear before, it’s certainly obvious now that Ehrler is fishing as well as anyone on the planet. And that’s no exaggeration. In addition to today’s Lake Hartwell victory, Ehrler has won the Forrest Wood Cup title (2006), the FLW Tour event on Lake Ouachita (2010), the FLW Tour Table Rock Lake contest (2010), two FLW Series titles (Lake Havasu in 2009 and Lake Shasta in 2010), and the 2004 EverStart Series Championship.
In addition, Ehrler boasts 29 top-10 finishes in FLW events since 2003 as well as over $1.86 million in career earnings. He has recorded two angler-of-the-year titles (EverStart Series Western Division in 2003 and FLW Series Western Division in 2010), finished runner-up in the FLW Tour Angler of the Year race in 2008 and 2011 and netted three top-10 finishes in the Forrest Wood Cup since 2006.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walmart FLW Lake Hartwell Day 3: Tom Monsoor Charges to the lead!

Wisconsin native uses biggest stringer of tournament to snatch pro lead during third day of FLW Tour Lake Hartwell competition
10.Mar.2012 by Gary Mortenson

Tom Monsoor take the lead. Will he finally win one?
(Photos: Gary Mortenson FLW)
ANDERSON, S.C. – Throughout the entire tournament, Tom Monsoor of La Crosse, Wisc., was happy to keep flying under the radar. After today, however, that is no longer possible. Using a whopping day-three catch of 21 pounds, 10 ounces – by far the largest sack recorded in the tournament to date – Monsoor now finds himself with the overall lead and a bull’s-eye squarely on his back with only one day of competition remaining.
Monsoor, who entered Saturday’s competition in eighth place overall and exactly 4 pounds out of the lead, shot up the leaderboard in dramatic fashion after posting his three-day catch of 54 pounds, 9 ounces.
But while Monsoor was happy with his performance in today’s competition, he said he was far from confident heading into Sunday’s finals.
“I had an unbelievable day,” said Monsoor. “But honestly, I’m just fishing. It’s really a crapshoot for me out there. My strategy is just to go out there and look for one fish at a time. Today I just got lucky. I really don’t have any pattern. I’m just looking, looking, looking … hoping to get bit. And that’s a sad way to fish. It really is.”

Friday, March 9, 2012

Walmart FLW Lake Hartwell Day 2: Dan Morehead in Control for Second Day

Kentucky veteran maintains lead at FLW Tour Lake Hartwell event, Lauer surges into co-angler lead, top-20 cut announced
09.Mar.2012 by Gary Mortenson

ANDERSON, S.C. – Dan Morehead of Paducah, Ky., is clearly feeling a lot better these days. After battling a terrible 24-hour virus that greatly curtailed his pre-fishing schedule and left him scrambling to come up with any sort of game plan for this week’s FLW Tour event on Lake Hartwell, Morehead now finds himself atop the leaderboard for the second day in a row.
Morehead in control for in Day 2!
(Photos: Gary Mortenson FLW)
Morehead’s unlikely ascent to the top is a testament to his continued perseverance as well as his veteran fishing savvy accumulated after years of hard work. But obviously, at least so far, this has been one of the harder challenges of his career.
“When I launched my boat on the first day of the tournament, I was just hoping to get a check,” said Morehead. “So this is truly a blessing from God. But man, it was a grind just to generate a bite today. It was pretty tough out there.”
Morehead said that he’s using a combination of Alabama Rigs and soft plastics to target staging bass relating to blueback herring.
“My boat is sitting in about 30 feet of water and I’m concentrating on narrow cuts where the bass are suspended,” he said. “They’re staging right now but they’re hanging around those narrow cuts trying to ambush those herring. But today was definitely a grind for me. I probably only had nine keeper bites all day.

Toronto Sportsmen's Show contest

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Walmart FLW Lake Hartwell Day 1: Morehead Leads Very Tight Tournament

Kentucky veteran claims top spot in Pro Division on Lake Hartwell, Johnson nets co-angler lead      
08.Mar.2012 by Gary Mortenson
Dan Morehead take lead but two others score 20 lbs sacks.
(Photos: Gary Mortenson FLW)
ANDERSON, S.C. – Dan Morehead of Paducah, Ky., arguably had the worst practice of the entire field heading into the FLW Tour Major on Lake Hartwell. It wasn’t so much that he couldn’t figure out how to catch fish, it was more that he couldn’t figure out how to stay on the water.
“My son brought home a stomach bug and I got it. Honestly, I’ve never had anything like this before,” said Morehead. “It really wiped me out. And by Sunday, I had no energy at all. I could barely lift up the trolling motor. So, I decided to lay down on my boat for a little bit. The next thing I knew I had fallen asleep on the deck of my boat for four hours. I wound up doing everything I could just to get back to the marina. Once I got back, I didn’t get out of my bed again until Tuesday. And that put me in a total panic.”
With virtually no practice time to speak of and facing off against the best anglers in the nation, Morehead clearly had his work cut out for him. But shortly after Thursday’s opening takeoff, something very interesting – and unexpected – happened.
“I found myself in a total zone,” said Morehead. “I could do no wrong. Every decision I made was the right one. It was truly a day given by God. As it turned out, getting sick like that just might have given me an advantage. Because I didn’t have any preconceived notions about this lake heading into today.”
Ultimately Morehead landed a total catch of 20 pounds, 14 ounces, chasing around bass relating to blueback herring.

Walmart FLW Lake Hartwell tournament

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Alabama Rig Test

There has been tremendous anticipation for the first FLW tour event with regards to the lethalness of the Alabama rig. With the Bassmaster Elite tour ban, the internet has been abuzz with wild claims. Tomorrow will be the true unveiling of the Alabama rig. We'll see how accurate the hype has been. Last fall's mad scramble to obtain or make a rig didn't fully reveal the story. Now everyone owns one and is hell bent on using it.
Lake Hartwell in South Carolina might be the perfect location for an Alabama fest. Below normal pool and with very little cover is in the water, the bass will be accessible. Seasonal and lake factors will keep the fish migrating from deep winter areas to typical pre-spawn locals. Points, flats and ridges are ideal fishing places and ideal Alabama water.

Both Bryan Thrift and local angler, Troy Morrow, stated in seperate interviews with FLW outdoors that the Alabama rig will not win this event. Can they be sandbagging? They wouldn't be the first to fake the competition out with a white lie. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Stay tuned for all the Lake Hartwell action.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Livetarget Field Mouse Topwater with IBASSIN

Check out the super realistic LIVETARGET Field Mouse. This a unique twist on hollow body topwater bait. This spin-off of the hollow body frog won best new product at ICAST 2012.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simax's New Loca Rods and IBASSIN

Learn about the three series in the Simax fishing rod line up. Russ goes through the finer details on the new 2012 Loca technique rods. They offer several technique specific actions like the new drop shot rod.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

MEGABASS Z-Crank X with JP De Rose and IBASSIN

Check out the new Megabass Z-Crank X. Learn why this crankbait is the best of the best when it comes to coffin billed, shallow diving crankbaits. JP De Rose of Getting School'd TV show on WFN will explain why this is a must have crankbait for you. The Z-Crank X, another cool bait from Megabass from Japan.