Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake Day 4: David Dudley Let the Alabama Rig Do the Talking

Story and Photos: Brett Carlson
ROGERS, Ark. – As a rule of thumb, it is never wise to count David Dudley out of any professional bass fishing tournament. At noon Sunday, Dudley only had three average Beaver Lake bass in his livewell. Reports of big stringers from Andy Morgan, Luke Clausen and Scott Canterbury made Dudley’s fortunes look bleak. Just when he was about to retreat to one of his spotted bass schools, it clicked. And then it was vintage fourth-quarter Dudley.
The first fish of the flurry was a 3 1/2-pound largemouth caught on a homemade umbrella rig. Most importantly, it kept Dudley from leaving his largemouth areas. An hour later he made another adjustment, this time putting down the umbrella rig and picking up a wacky rig. After moving to a steep, wind-blown bank, Dudley caught a 3-pounder, and then shortly after a 4-pounder and another 4-pounder and it was on. When it was over, Dudley finished with a final-day weight of 16 pounds, 9 ounces. And with that, the Castrol pro put to bed any notion of the Walmart FLW Tour Major being won up the river.
“The key decision was to stay on the largemouths, because I had like 10 or 12 schools of spotted bass located. It was tempting, but I knew in the back of my mind they (the spotted bass) wouldn’t play. What I did today was like hitting two grand slams in the last inning of a baseball game.”
While the umbrella rig with willow blades and swimbaits was Dudley’s main presentation, the wacky rig proved critical. Immediately after he picked it up Sunday everything changed.
“That really jump started me. From there, everywhere I stopped was big one, big one, big one.”

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake: David Dudley Wins by Ounces

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake Day 3: Flip Flop Leader Board

Michigan’s Pipkens Wins Co-Angler Title, $25,000
Scott lands a lunker.
ROGERS, Ark. – Coming into day three at the Walmart FLW Tour Major on Beaver Lake presented by Straight Talk the largest stringer that had been weighed in for the tournament was a nice 16-pound, 3-ounce bag weighed in Friday by Straight Talk pro J.T. Kenney. That weight was shattered on Saturday as Kenney’s fellow Straight Talk pro Scott Canterbury wowed the Rogers, Ark., crowd with a huge 19-pound, 11-ounce stringer of Beaver Lake bass. He now leads a full field of the best bass-fishing pros from all across the United States, Canada, Spain and Japan as they fish for a top cash award of up to $125,000.
Clausen working the Alabama rig.
The Springville, Ala., native weighed in a five-bass limit Saturday vaulting him from 13th place yesterday into the top spot. After three days of fishing, Canterbury has weighed in 15 bass totaling 42 pounds, 5 ounces. He now holds a slim 12-ounce lead over Chevy pro Luke Clausen of Spokane, Wash., who caught five bass today weighing 14-5. Clausen has weighed in 15 bass totaling 41-9 after the first three days.
“Man, it was an absolutely awesome day today,” said Canterbury, who has career earnings of more than $500,000 on the FLW Tour. “I have not changed anything, and I’m fishing the exact same way that I did on day one and day two. I was just blessed today. Every time I moved, I caught them. Every time I changed baits, I caught them. When I switched to bigger lures, I caught bigger fish. It was one of those days where everything that I did just worked out for me.”
Canterbury said that he covered a lot of water Saturday, and plans on doing the same Sunday.

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake Day 3: Scott Canterbury Hauls in 19 Plus and the Lead

Top 5

Friday, April 27, 2012

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake Day 2: Clausen Claims Day 2 Lead

Story and photos by Brett Carlson
ROGERS, Ark. – Beaver Lake bass are notorious for being fickle, especially in changing conditions. After slick and sunny on day one, the 150 Walmart FLW Tour pros received windy and cloudy on day two. Some anglers adjusted to the weather change and some failed. Count pro leader Luke Clausen in the group that adjusted.
Luke has slim lead on difficult Beaver Lake.
While many of the tournament leaders avoided the wind by running up the river to fish dirty water, Clausen used the wind to his advantage in the clear water.
“I’m staying pretty close up here (near Prairie Creek Park) and covering a lot of water,” said the Chevy pro. “I do have a few key stretches but there are a lot of times when I get unexpected bites.”
Clausen said he had his 13-pound, 11-ounce stringer by 11 a.m. and then began to fish new stuff. In total, he sampled 20 areas, but during the final round he plans to focus on just a handful. Clausen has weighed all largemouths thus far and estimates he sorted through 15 keepers Friday.
“There was a strong morning bite today and yesterday it was better later. Ironically I wanted more wind, but I did catch them strong in some calmer areas. It seems like once you catch them, they’re gone. I really don’t think they’re replenishing much.”

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake Day 2: Clausen Leads

place/ name/hometown /day 1 total (#bass) /day 2 total (# bass) /2 day total (# bass)                                           
1 LUKE CLAUSEN SPOKANE, WA13-09 (5) 13-11 (5) 27-04 (10)
2 JAY YELAS CORVALLIS, OR14-03 (5) 12-02 (5) 26-05 (10)
3 GLENN BROWNE OCALA, FL14-08 (5) 11-09 (5) 26-01 (10)
4 SCOTT MARTIN CLEWISTON, FL12-03 (5) 13-07 (5) 25-10 (10)
5 KELLEY JAYE DADEVILLE, AL10-05 (5) 14-15 (5) 25-04 (10)
6 CHARLIE EVANS GILBERTSVILLE, KY12-12 (5) 12-08 (5) 25-04 (10)
7 BRAD RIGHTNOUR MINGOVILLE, PA12-04 (5) 12-13 (5) 25-01 (10)
8 ANDY MORGAN DAYTON, TN11-03 (5) 13-09 (5) 24-12 (10)
9 DAVID DUDLEY LYNCHBURG, VA12-05 (5) 11-12 (5) 24-01 (10)
10 JACOB POWROZNIK PRINCE GEORGE, VA14-11 (5) 9-02 (5) 23-13 (10)
11 ISHAMA MONROE HUGHSON, CA11-01 (5) 12-08 (5) 23-09 (10)
12 THANH LE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ13-04 (5) 9-08 (5) 22-12 (10)
13 SCOTT CANTERBURY SPRINGVILLE, AL14-05 (5) 8-05 (5) 22-10 (10)
14 MARK ROSE WEST MEMPHIS, AR10-11 (5) 11-13 (5) 22-08 (10)
15 KENNETH (BOO) WOODS HAZARD, KY12-02 (5) 9-10 (5) 21-12 (10)
16 BRENT EHRLER REDLANDS, CA10-13 (5) 10-09 (5) 21-06 (10)
17 CHAD GRIGSBY MAPLE GROVE, MN8-04 (4) 12-15 (5) 21-03 (9)
18 JIM TUTT LONGVIEW, TX9-01 (5) 11-15 (5) 21-00 (10)
19 DERRICK SNAVELY ROGERSVILLE, TN10-03 (5) 10-11 (5) 20-14 (10)
20 JT KENNEY PALM BAY, FL4-09 (3) 16-03 (5) 20-12 (8)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walmart FLW Beaver Lake: Tharp on Top on Difficult Bite

Michigan’s Pipkens Leads Co-Anglers      
ROGERS, Ark. – A full field of the best bass-fishing professionals from all across the United States, Canada, Spain and Japan opened the Walmart FLW Tour Major on Beaver Lake presented by Straight Talk on Thursday. Anglers used a variety of strategies and tactics beneath the sunny Arkansas skies as they began the competition for a top cash award of up to $125,000.
Despite the multiple techniques the professionals employed, the results were very similar – just 2 pounds 3 ounces separated first place from 10th. At the end of the day, EverStart pro Randall Tharp of Gardendale, Ala., held the day one tournament lead with a five-bass limit weighing 15 pounds, 7 ounces. Tharp has a 12-ounce lead over Snapple pro Jacob Powroznik of Prince George, Va., who caught five bass weighing 14-11.
“I’m pretty pleased with my weight today,” said Tharp, who has career winnings of more than $640,000. “But I believe I can catch more fish tomorrow, especially if the wind is blowing. I don’t think anyone else is doing what I’m doing. I’m fishing a certain bait on certain banks and it’s real unique.”
Tharp said he fished areas that he had not targeted in practice. Although he chose to start his day near areas where he had found fish during practice, most of his fish came from areas that he had not fished before.
“I had a real good practice coming into this tournament,” Tharp continued. “I’m known for practicing from daylight to dark, but for this event I was finishing up around 4 p.m. That was mostly because I did not want people to see where I was fishing. I made sure that I was real cautious today as well – I tried not to stay in one spot for too long.

Monday, April 23, 2012

ATTENTION: Prince Edward County and Region Anglers and Hunters!

Lyme Disease Information


Please join speakers from the Health Unit & Picton

Animal Hospital to discuss:

What is Lyme Disease?

How is it spread?

What do the ticks and rash look like?

How can we test for Lyme Disease?

Symptoms & prevention for humans and pets

When: Wednesday April 25th, 7:00 p.m.

Where: Bloomfield Town Hall , 289 Main St .

Free: Everyone Welcome

For more information please contact

Andy Margetson, 613-478-5400 or email

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 4: Palaniuk Wins

By Cara D. Clark
The new Champ!
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
BULL SHOALS, Ark. — Brandon Palaniuk may have $100,000 in the bank after his win today at the Bassmaster Elite Series TroKar Quest at Bull Shoals Lake, but that’s not going to change his lifestyle. He planned to spend Sunday night sleeping in his pickup truck, just as he has every night this week and during most other tournaments.
“It’s just easy,” said Palaniuk, who beds down in his covered pick-up bed near launch sites. “I’ve got power and a shower, and it’s close to the water. That’s all I need. And it’s free. A hundred thousand dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to.”
The 24-year-old angler from Rathdrum, Idaho, began the final round with a forbidding lead of 12-pounds, 13 ounces, after weighing in the heaviest five-bass limits each of the first three days.
Although his final string was much lighter than usual, his four-day total of 78 pounds, 6 ounces gave him a double-digit margin over Britt Myers of Lake Wylie, S.C., who had 66 pounds, 8 ounces. The rest of the field was much closer. Myers outranked Trussville, Ala., pro Matt Herren’s four-day total of 66-7 by just 1 ounce.
Edwin Evers of Talala, Okla., took fourth place with the day’s biggest bag of 17-11 for a tournament total of 66 pounds, and Brent Chapman of Quivira, Kan., was fifth with 64-7. Chapman took over the lead for Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year with his performance at Bull Shoals.
Cranking the whole way.
Palaniuk found his winning area in the west Sugar Loaf part of Bull Shoals Lake. The area held ideal spawning habitat — flat gravel banks and brush, as well as offshore structure with a roadbed across the back of the spawning pocket.

“The fish were only a couple of hundred yards away from where they wanted to spawn,” Palaniuk said. “It was a quick two- to three-minute swim from where they wanted to hang and where they wanted to spawn. I honestly had the best area in the lake.”
It’s a textbook structure spot, and one that other competitors in the Trokar Quest tried during practice. None had the confidence in it that Palaniuk did. The young angler found it on a lake map, and on his first cast to the spot in practice, he caught a 3 ½-pound bass on it. That validated his game plan and gave him confidence he could win, even before competition began.

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 3: Palaniuk Running Away With It.

BULL SHOALS, Ark. — Brandon Palaniuk has been relentless in his pursuit of a win during the Elite Series TroKar Quest on Bull Shoals Lake, and he isn’t holding anything back, even though he has almost a 13-pound lead over his nearest rival.
All big ones for Palaniuk!
(Photos: Darren Jacobson BASS)
The 24-year-old Idaho angler’s Day Three weight of 19-10 gave him a three-day total of 65-7 and an almost insurmountable margin over the rest of the field.
Palaniuk said a dramatic change in weather – from overcast, rainy and warm on Friday to 38 degrees and bluebird skies at the start of fishing today – made fishing much tougher, and it slowed even more as the afternoon progressed. He expressed disappointment that he didn’t weigh 20 pounds, as he did the first two days, yet his 19-10 was the heavyweight of the day.
Even with the tournament virtually in the bag, Palaniuk is determined to catch the heaviest string again in Sunday’s final round.
“I’m going to go out and try to sack up 20 pounds,” Palaniuk said. “If I have 20 pounds by 7:30, I’m going to keep grinding it out until 2 o’clock when I have to make my run back.”

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 2: Palaniuk Improves to 8 pound Lead

BULL SHOALS, Ark. — After taking the top spot on Day One of the Bassmaster Elite Series TroKar Quest, Brandon Palaniuk was determined not to relinquish his lead.
Despite hooking his left pinky finger to the bone and taking a trip to the emergency room to have the barb cut out, Palaniuk again brought the biggest bag to the scales with 24 pounds, 4 ounces.
Brandon sack 24 pounds for day 2.
(Photo: James Overstreet Bass)
The accident happened early in the day, but by that time, Palaniuk had what he estimated to be a 20-pound, five-fish limit. It was when he caught his big fish of the day, a 5-pound, 15-ounce largemouth, that he was injured.
“I honestly did not think I had 24-4,” Palaniuk said. “When I got that hook jammed in my finger, I was hoping to have at least 20 pounds to keep me up in the Top 5.”
The huge catch – heaviest of the tournament – gave him 45-13 and a commanding lead of exactly 8 pounds.
Palaniuk made a slight adjustment in baits, but he fished the same pattern he did so successfully on Day One – a method he discovered when he caught a 3-1/2 pounder during practice.
“I know the area I’m fishing has a lot of fish,” he said. “There are a few areas I haven’t hit the last two days, so if I need those, I’ll fish those. I’d like to be leading this thing by 30 pounds Sunday if I could.”

Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 2: Palaniuk Improves on Lead

Top 20
position / name / # fish / day one weight / # fish/ day two weight / total two day fish/  two day total

1Brandon Palaniuk521- 9524- 41045-13
2Matthew Herren520-13517- 01037-13
3Bobby Lane517-11519-121037- 7
4Britt Myers514-15520- 41035- 3
5Scott Rook514- 2520-121034-14
6Brent Chapman515- 6518-151034- 5
7Jason Quinn517- 5515-151033- 4
8Michael Iaconelli516- 7516-101033- 1
9Boyd Duckett512- 8520- 81033- 0
10Rick Clunn517- 6515- 91032-15
11Travis Manson517- 1515-141032-15
12Edwin Evers516- 8516- 61032-14
13Clark Reehm517- 5515- 71032-12
14Zell Rowland513- 0519- 81032- 8
15Cliff Pace519-10512- 71032- 1
16David Walker513- 7518- 61031-13
17Bradley Roy518- 2513- 71031- 9
18Ishama Monroe514-15516- 61031- 5
19Mark Menendez516- 1515- 01031- 1
20Alton Jones517-13513- 21030-15

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 1: Palaniuk Claims Day 1

Palaniuk takes the lead on Day One at TroKar Quest
Brandon meets the press.
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
BULL SHOALS, Ark. — Brandon Palaniuk was the last angler to launch his boat for the Bassmaster Elite Series TroKar Quest on Bull Shoals Lake in Mountain Home, Ark., today, and he was the last to weigh-in, but his Day One finish was first with a catch of 21 pounds, 9 ounces. That included the Carhartt Big Bass of the day, a 5-pound, 11-ounce largemouth.
Palaniuk will take the lead at launch tomorrow, but he started Day 1 with some trepidation.
“Being the last boat out, I was a little bit nervous about where I was going to start,” Palaniuk said. “I ran to the first place, and I didn’t really have anything going. I started jumping around. The next spot I went to, I caught one about 3 pounds. I was still thinking and deciding if I was doing the right thing and then at the next spot, I pulled up and caught that 5-11 and then a 5 1/2-pounder. Then I knew I was doing the right deal, and just ground it out all day.”
Using a technique he found in practice fishing, Palaniuk boated the five bass that put him in the lead, including mostly fat prespawners.

2012 Elite Series TroKar Quest Bull Shoals Lake Day 1: Palaniuk Leads with over 20.

TOP 10
position / name / # of bass / weight in pounds

 1 Brandon Palaniuk 5 21- 9
2 Matthew Herren 5 20-13
3 Cliff Pace 5 19-10
4 Tommy Biffle 5 18- 2
4 Bradley Roy 5 18- 2
6 Alton Jones 5 17-13
7 Bobby Lane 5 17-11
8 Scott Ashmore 5 17- 6
8 Rick Clunn 5 17- 6
10 Jason Quinn 5 17- 5


BASSER Magazine is one of the most influential magazines in the world. It is Japan's largest pure bass fishing magazine. They have better FLW and BASSMASTER coverage than in BASSMASTER itself. I have been reading (looking at the pictures and making out the captions) for years. I knew about drop shotting about 5 years before it was released in America because it was written in this magazine. Well, about 2 weeks ago, my sister in-law sent me a package with four BASSER magazines. Awesome! Very few anglers get a chance to look through these sort of magazines and the detailed photography is so amazing sharp. The photos really illustrate the focus and details of each technique or story so well.

This article was on late winter bass fishing. It explained the transition from winter to very early pre-spawn patterns. Here is an example of the detail and lure layouts. Much different than North American mags.

The Big Bait Revolution

Kikomoto is one of the head designers for Evergreen International and Hiraiwa is owner of Gan Craft.
Both guys are designers and lovers of big baits. They sculpt the more realistic swimbaits on the planet. Each angler shares a love for fishing big baits. Big baits or nothing attitudes make for great fishing adventures. Both have had monster catches to prove what they believe. This was a great article. Actually, I am planning on meeting each of them for an article on this big bait revolution. Hopefully, an editor in the States will pick it up.

If you wish to see the interview I did with Kikomoto on his Evergreen Timber Flash at ICAST last year. Click on the link:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Berkley Power Craw and Thief baits

Check out the new Berkley Power Craw and Thief. Full of Berkley Power scent they'll attract any bass. Learn what make these two soft plastic baits so special from Chris Hockley, the marketing manager of Pure Fishing Canada

Sunday, April 15, 2012

BASS WORLD: Morizo Shimizu Article and Cool Daiwa Reels plus Jun Shoji

Morizo is an Elite Bassmaster angler who has access to the coolest Japanese gear. Stuff no one ever sees outside of his hotel room or boat lockers. One change for 2012 is he switched to Team Daiwa reels. Daiwa sent Morizo on tour with a whole batch of new reels. Not sure if these are prototype reels or Japan release only reels but hey look so neat. Often, reels along with rods, cars, clothing and watches, are different. Japanese will have twenty models yet the North American shopper only gets a sampling at the local retailer.

Here is a video of Shimizu at ICAST
English version:

Japanese version:

Another cool thing is that IBASSIN will be heading off to Japan in the near future for a little Research and Development. Actually, it is just to visit as many tackle shops as possible. One stop with be with this guy, Jun Shoji. He is a Japanese angler who speaks excellent English and bass. We have booked a day on Lake Biwa. Biwa is the home to the world record bass that was caught a few years ago. I've met him several times and this will be a super trip on a awesome lake.  Cannot wait to spend a day with this super star. Bass World magazine had a great story about him cranking his speciality IMA lures. Neat article with some great photography. Here is a link to his video work with us at ICAST.
English version

Japanese version

Friday, April 13, 2012


A few years ago at ICAST, the world largest fishing show, I met up with one of the editors of Bass World magazine out of Japan. This editor sends me a copy of the magazine each month. Bass world is an amazing magazine that hightlights the scene in Japan so well. This month was a double issue. (They really know how to do it right).

Well, to my huge surprise, the package included a 2012 Bass Gear Catalogue of everything related to bass fishing for the year. I mean everything. Rods, reels, nets, line, soft plastic, hard baits, spinnerbaits, etc,. etc. Anything produced for bass in Japan is in here. Totally awesome.

Here is a few photos to wet your whistle.

It lists every crankbait style by company. The assortment is mind blowing.

Same with soft plastics. It offers a write up on every configuration. Totally a must have for guys into Japanese baits.

It even had a few pages on rigging and innovations specific to techniques and presentation.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cool New Lock

2 Locks, 1 Key: DuraSafe Electronics & Swivel Mount Lock Set

DuraSafe Electronics Lock Set

NEW BERLIN, WISCONSIN (USA) – The new DuraSafe E-Lock™ (Universal Electronics Lock) and Swivel Mount Lock set offers total protection against theft of marine electronics.
Simple, compact and easy to install, the unique, keyed-alike locks replace the factory knobs and when they’re locked, prevent removal of a unit.

The DuraSafe E-Lock fits most major brands of marine electronics - Cobra®, Eagle®, Garmin®, Humminbird®, Icom®, Lowrance®,Raymarine®, Standard Horizon® and Uniden® . The DuraSafe Swivel Mount Lock is available in three sizes to fit the most commonly-used swivel mounts.

Available at Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Bass & Gas, Tackle Warehouse, other marine and outdoor retailers nationwide and online at

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If I had a dollar for every time I did this to someone..... I would have...uhhh... 2 dollars! (both times were on the same guy)
Sorry, you'll have to click onto the link. This looks ugly!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Elite Series Pro John Murray Signs with Lucas Oil


Phoenix, Ariz. – April 9, 2012 - Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Murray, from Phoenix, Ariz. has signed a deal to collaboratively promote Lucas Oil Marine Products as his primary sponsors in 2012. With the beginning of the Bassmaster Elite Series schedule in Florida just two short weeks ago, Murray unveiled his new logoing to the industry.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The World Record Smallmouth Bass in Laurel River Lake Kentucky?

I got sent this interesting email about a story floating on Facebook. Not sure of its authenticity but cool if it really does exist.
Difficult to tell if this really is the new world record smallmouth.
Exciting to think it is swimming freely out there.
The World Record Smallmouth Bass in Laurel River Lake Kentucky
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife services has been kind enough to show us a photo of a world record smallmouth bass. This fish weighed over 12 pounds on a hand scale and was shocked up by fish and wildlife officers who were conducting a research study, according to the Tennessee Outdoorsman. The standing world record smallie was caught by David Hayes in 1955 on Dale Hollow Lake. It weighed 11 pounds 15 ounces. But targeting this monster is no easy task. Laurel River Lake in southern Kentucky spans 6,000 acres.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lonnie King: New Lund Canada Pro-Staff member

Just wanted to give a little press to longtime friend Lonnie King. He just signed up as one of the newest members of the Lund Prostaff team, through Bay City Marine in Hamilton. Lonnie is a fisheries biologist by profession and a multi-species angler.  Actually, he is an old university friend and one hell of a fish head. He is the currently the Walleye editor of Ontario Out of Doors Magazine, and a regular contributor to In-fisherman magazine as well.  Lonnie has won a number of high-profile multi-species events, winning the Ford Angler of the Year twice and barely missing winning it a third time. Most recently he and his sons won a brand new outboard motor through the Mercury Film Festival.   Many of you voted for him (He says Thank!).

When asked what boat he will be running this year, Lonnie had this to say; ‘I had been running a Lund 1700 for about 15 years, (If Lonnie couldn't destroy it; it is beyond excellence) and have probably caught thousands of fish in it, but I thought it was time for a modest upgrade. This year I opted for a Lund 1725 Explorer. Needless to say Lund has made many substantial upgrades since I bought my first boat. The Sport-Trax system for mounting rod holder and accessories is amazing. Tonnes of storage room including 2 rod compartments. One right down the center of the front platform and one on the passenger side. A true fishing machine!”
For more fun facts about Lonnie check out the Lund Prostaff page or visit his Youtube page at
He’s also on facebook.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spence Shuffield's Swim N' Frenzy

Spence Shuffield almost claimed his first FLW victory with an umbrella rig. His magic rig is called the Swim and Frenzy. It is a bit strange with willow leaf blades but the fish loved eating it. Not sure who makes it. Spending a bit of time on the web uncovered very little. So far here are the only links I have discovered.

Places the have it:

Havoc's New Line of Baits 2012 with

Check out the newest HAVOC  bait from Berkley. Bobby Lane, Mike Iaconelli and Boyd Duckett all created great soft plastics. Listen as Chris Hockley explains each amazing bait. See the Smash tube and Hawk up close.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jigs for Alabama Rigs

Well, thanks for the emails concerning jigheads for Alabama rigs. One email pointed me towards VMC's line of jigs. They have several options and sizes. All seem to have a strong hook. Here are two of the ones that seem ideal. They both start with 1/8oz. and up.

VMC BJ Boxer jig or the FSJ Flat Shad

Walmart FLW Table Rock Lake Day 4: Long Wins by Ounces!

Long claims second Walmart FLW Tour win in namesake creek      
01.Apr.2012 by Brett Carlson
Long pitched a black blue jig to victory.
(photos: Brett Carlson FLW)
BRANSON, Mo. – Brent Long had no intention of fishing near the takeoff site at the Walmart FLW Tour Major on Table Rock Lake. As a known shallow, dirty-water fisherman, Long had planned on running way up one of the lake’s three main rivers. But after he misread the GPS in his truck and made an incorrect turn, he noticed the water in Long Creek was red brown – the exact color he was looking for. At that moment, the North Carolina pro knew he would spend all of his time in that aptly-named area.
For a lake as massive as Table Rock, one of the most compelling storylines was the fact that all five of the top finishers were basically in the same area – south of the 86 Bridge near Table Rock State Park. Thanks to recent rains, the water there was cooler and dirty – which allowed fishermen to avoid the spawning bass, which were laying everywhere but were nearly impossible to catch.
While most in the area fished crankbaits, Long concentrated on one technique – flipping what he called “trash” for prespawn largemouths. In reality it was a mixture of sticks, stumps and lay-downs – any wood that had washed up on shore since the water came up a week ago. Long flipped the wood with either a black and blue jig made by Ernest Langley (tipped with a Charlie’s Chunk) or a Charlie’s Worms Flippin’ Bug. Long would make several pitches at each piece, starting at the outside and working his way in.
“I grew up watching and idolizing Hank Parker and Denny Brauer; they were dirty, shallow-water fishermen,” Long said. “But it’s so hard to win a tournament shallow nowadays because those fish get so beat up; you almost have to find a school. But that’s what I like to do; that’s what I do best.”
As the tournament progressed, Long worried that the water was clearing up and that there was less and less cover to probe. In fact, several of the places he caught them the first two days are now high and dry. While Spencer Shuffield mounted a furious charge, a strong morning bite was enough to put the Cornelius, N.C., pro back in the winner’s circle.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brent Long wins by 7 ounces over Spence Shuffield!

Spencer Shuffield's Swim N' Frenzy

Its so compact that it can be used like a spinnerbait.
(photo: Bass
Spencer Shuffield has had great success with an Alabama rig. He is using a very compact model with three arms plus it has blades on it. Here is a look. This thing might be out of stock by Monday because Shuffield has a limit heavy enough to win the Walmart FLW Table Rock tournament.

Walmart FLW Table Rock Lake Day 3: Long Leap into Lead

North Carolina pro sacks 22-3 to lead Walmart FLW Tour Major on Table Rock
by Brett Carlson
BRANSON, Mo. – Brent Long’s memorable 2010 Walmart FLW Tour victory came from the deep ledges of Lake Guntersville. Considering Long prefers shallow flipping and power fishing, the offshore win was ironic. But this week on Table Rock Lake, Long is catching them the way he prefers and is one day away from clinching his second Tour title.
Pitching a jig made the difference for Long.
(Photos: Brett Carlson FLW)
The stoic, steady Long is flipping what he calls “trash.” In reality it’s a mixture of sticks, stumps and lay-downs – any wood that has washed up on shore since the water level rose a week ago. It was a solid pattern during the opening round, but today it produced 22 pounds, 13 ounces – by far the heaviest limit of the day.
“A new wave of fish obviously moved up,” said the Cornelius, N.C., native. “I had a limit before 8:30 this morning. My second fish was the biggest fish I caught, and it was a little over 7 pounds. I fished with no pressure today because I caught them early. Each day I’m worried and say, ‘Am I going to catch them today? Am I going to catch five?’ But today they bit early and it just made it so much more relaxing. The amazing thing is that I lost two big ones and another two that would have helped me. I could have had over 30 pounds today.”
Long is flipping dirty water with either a black and blue jig made by Earnest Langley (tipped with a Charlie’s Chunk) or a Charlie’s Worms Flippin’ Bug. Today the jig produced early and Long never put it down. In total, it produced 12 keeper bites.