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The Mercury Films Festival.

The Mercury Films Festival.

There are a lot of exciting things happening at the Mercury Films Festival so check back regularly to see the latest entries and vote for your favorites to win great prizes.
Visit the site now:
See you on the water!
My friend Lonnie King who is a great angler and outdoor writer has his own video in this festival so please have a view and vote for him.
In order to vote you have to set up an account but this allows you to win prizes. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Northern Open Northern Open #2 Day 3: Wellman Wins!

Wellman captures Erie Open, fulfills goal of reaching ClassicBy

By: David Hunter Jones

Bassmaster Press Release

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Nate Wellman has had a dream since he was 12 years old: to fish in the Bassmaster Classic.
Since then, he’s strived to make that dream a reality by trying to qualify through the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens as well as the Bassmaster Elite Series, but before today, he’s always come up short.

Well Worth the Wait.
(Photo:  Seigo Saito BASS)
 With his win on Lake Erie, he’ll be able to live out that dream this February on Louisiana’s Red River at the 2012 Classic.
The victory was even more special because Wellman had never won on his home water of Lake Erie despite compete on the lake for more than 10 years.
 “I can’t even explain what this means to me. To come here and win means an awful lot, but to get to go to the Classic means the world,” he said.
Wellman narrowly missed a spot in the 2011 Classic with his third-place finish in the 2010 Northern Opens point standings. Only the top two anglers advanced.
Along with the Classic berth, Wellman also takes home a fully-rigged Nitro boat with a 225-horsepower Mercury outboard and nearly $9,000 cash. His Day Three catch weighed 18-4, giving him a three-day total of 63-11and almost a two-pound margin of victory.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Northern Open Northern Open #2 Day 2: Wellman Still on Top!

Wellman keeps lead but Devries' 26-7 puts him in hunt

Erie Beasts!
(Photo: Seigo Saito BASS)
By David Hunter Jones
Aug 26, 2011
SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Weights soared on Day Two of the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open on Lake Erie as the winds calmed and gave anglers access to more areas.
On Day One, there were six anglers who cracked the 20-pound mark, with Nate Wellman’s 22-4 topping the list. Friday, 15 anglers crossed that mark, with John Devries tallying an astounding 26 pounds, 7 ounces of smallmouth. However, Elite Series pro Wellman managed to retain his lead with a catch of 23-3, giving him 45-7.

“I pulled up to where I left ’em biting yesterday afternoon, and it was awesome,” Wellman said. “In my first three casts, I caught two fish, and I was throwing 3-pounders back before I had a limit.”
“I ended up leaving there with four fish. But, they were even more loaded up on my third spot. Between the two of us (Wellman and his co-angler), we probably caught 70 bass there.”
Wellman lost several fish that he estimates would’ve given him another two pounds or so. He also says that the spot is replenishing every day. Going into the event, Wellman had 12 areas he planned to fish, but he’s only hit five of them so far.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Northern Open Northern Open #2 Day 1: Wellman on Top!

BASSMASTER Press Release
Wellman leads day 1!
(Photo: Steve Bowman BASS)
SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Lake Erie’s highly-mobile smallmouth bass had much of the field scrambling for bites on Day One of the second 2011 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open, but several pros were able to adapt and crack the 20-pound mark.
No one was more surprised at leader Nate Wellman’s weight than Wellman himself.
“My weight was a complete shock. I really thought I had 18 pounds, but as I got to the scales, they felt a lot heavier,” he said. “But, I’m sure glad they put on that weight.”
In practice, Wellman found two areas that held fish bigger than the ones he caught today, but they weren’t home when he arrived this morning, so he fell back on Plan B.

IBASSIN's day on the water: Pigeon Lake Muskie August 18, 2011

By Luigi De Rose

Hi, this entry was initially deleted due to some editing issues. I reworked the post and I'm sure you'll like it.

This entry is a bit late due to the coverage of the FLW EverStart tournament on Lake Erie. Great to see so many friends doing well.
Muskies eat like giant bass. Feeding on magnum baits, they’re a blast. My companion for the day was Joel Isenberg. Joel and I fished a lot 20 years ago while I was in university. We fished weekly during the summers back then. If I had a spare weekend in the fall we headed to Pigeon for muskies. We haven’t make a trek for muskies together for a long time, too long, so we just had to go.
First, Joel got a new Bass Cat bass boat. This thing is pimped out. I tease him that it's so pimped out it has its own stripper pole. The pole is located on the trailer along with three steps  by the bow to help get in and out. ( If you’re too young to know what “pimped out” or “stripper pole” are don't ask your parents and don’t tell them you heard it from me).  Sporting a black /blue gelcoat and 20" wheels with skinny rubber on the trailer, the boat looks sharp. Man does it rock on the water with its Yamaha 250 SHO and Minn Kota Talon. We never really pushed it but that motor is so much more powerful than any 225 HP I have driven.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion): Post Tournament

By Luigi De Rose

Lake Erie is a demanding place to fish. It's loaded with bass; world class smallmouth fishing at its best. But, Erie can be a treacherous place when the wind blows. That is my number one reason I will not entry as a co-angler on any of the Great Lakes. Numerous friends who fished as co-anglers have harrowing experiences from sea sickness to permanent back problems. How bad was it on the last day of the FLW EverStart Northern tournament? Well Bob Izumi, a Canadian super star and Great Lakes specialist, sheered the three port side bolts that held his trolling motor.  Being a veteran tournament angler, he had the parts to fix the problem. "I have spares of spares but I had to drive to a protected areas to fix the trolling motor." explained Izumi.

Bassmaster Elite angler John Murray had mechanical problems the last day and needed to be toed in. He joked that it will take him 20 years to payoff the fee of being brought back to shore. This mishap cost him dearly and kept him from a higher finish. He finished tenth.

Lawrence Mazur, the champion of Lake Erie, explained that in his preparation for this tournament, he installed two bow mounted transducers and two graphs. He knew equipment failure would occur. His efforts payed off with a win. He explained that during the tournament one transducer broke and one of his graphs also broke. Without having a backup his success would have been very limited.

Erie Deep
Another interesting fact was the depth fished. All of the anglers focused very deep except Mike Desforges. Lawrence Mazur had his best success in 57 to 70 feet deep. That is lake trout deep! Second place angler Gaspar Costabile worked 42 to 46 feet of water. Third place angler Simon Frost didn't reveal exact depths but alluded he was deep. Mike Desforges, in fourth, buck the trend and worked spinnerbaits and jerkbaits in water in the mid teens.

Hope you liked my two cents on this tournament. A lot of good anglers illustrated that fishing on the Great Lakes focuses on three key elements: location, equipment, determination. Each angler took a lot of time to find the correct locations and then had the nerve to drive in rough seas to arrive there. Equipment failure is part of the game under such demanding conditions, so be prepared.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion) Day 3: Mazur Wins Erie

Pecore wins co-angler title during Northern Division contest
By David A. Brown
Mazur was the only one to bring in a big bag on the final day.
(Photos: David S. Brown FLW )

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Lawrence Mazur of Lancaster, N.Y., weighed a five-bass limit totaling 20 pounds, 1 ounce Saturday to win the EverStart Series Northern Division event on Lake Erie with a three-day total of 15 bass weighing 64 pounds, 8 ounces. For his victory, Mazur earned $26,722 and a 198VX Ranger boat with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard motor.

“It was a tough, tough run, but I made it,” said Mazur. “I’m speechless. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been at this a long time and had a lot of letdowns, but I finally put it all together.”

Friday, August 19, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion) Day 2: Constabile Takes Command of Erie.

By Luigi De Rose

"Gaspare is the MAN!" explains outdoor writer and former Niagara resident, Lonnie King. Today Gaspare didn't disappoint with another 22-11 pound limit, vaulting him into the lead. His two day total of 44-13 is good enough for first but just barely. Lawrence Mazur, of nearby Lancaster New York, stunned the crowd with a whopping 24-03 bag today, lifting him into second. His two day creel is 44-07, just 6 ounces shy of the Gaspare. Even more impressive was his co-angler, Nicolas Supik, who's day 2 bag weighed 24-03. That's almost 50 pounds of smallmouth from one boat! Most people who have such a banner day wish they were in a tournament, luckily for Lawence and Nicolas they were.

In third place is John Voyles, Petersburg In, with a 20-08 bag today. Yesterday, he also had a 20 pound plus day and sits just off the lead. First day co-leader Simon Frost, St. Catherines, On slipped a bit. He managed 18-14 and fell to fourth. Another solid angler who did untypically poor on day 1, Mike Desforges roared into fifth place on the back of a 20-12 bag of smallmouth.

The rest of the top ten looks like this:
10  BOB IZUMI  MILTON, ON  36-06  

Six of the top 10 are from Ontario and all can do well. Note that Bob Izumi was the winner at the last EverStart on Lake Ontario. Bob is eight pounds off the lead so it looks like it he'll not win but you never know. Once thing is clear, Izumi will be leading the Northern EverStart point race by the end of this tournament.

This will be a game of ounces so expect a very close tournament.
Be back soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion Day 1: Press Release

Co-angler Ramsier sacks 20-plus in EverStart Northern
18.Aug.2011 by David A. Brown
Gaspare a close second due to penalty.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – EverStart Northern Division anglers started today with two expectations: First, Lake Erie holds the potential for smallmouth quantity and quality. Second, the great lake would make anglers work for their weights. Suffice it to say that Erie delivered on both levels.

We’ll get the latter out of the way right off the bat. Sparing everyone the whimsical analogies, Lake Erie was downright rough. Winds kicked up to 15-mph and seas rose to eight feet. That’s nothing new for Erie, as the shallowest of the Great Lakes is easily stirred. However, that’s no consolation for those who spent eight hours in the relentless slop.

No one’s complaining – this is all voluntary recreation. Nevertheless, a lot of worn-out and nearly psyched-out anglers crossed the stage today with tales of brutal poundings, broken trolling motors and motion sickness.

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion) Day 1: Frost and Brodnicki Tie for first!

Big Weights result in a Tie for Lead. 
By Luigi De Rose

Frost in  first.
(Photos: David A Brown FLW)
I was humble during the last EverStart tournament when I predicted the winner and almost the entire top 5 but today I really predicted well. Simon Frost and Brad Brodnicki tied for first with a 22-05. Amazingly, Gaspare Costabile actually was the leader but fell to a first day weight of 22-02 due to a dead fish penalty. John Voyles captured fourth with a great bag 21-08 and Bassmaster Elite angler, John Murray landed fifth with 21-02. Three out of five isn't bad for odds.

Fishing was great on Erie for the ones who had located them. The top 6 anglers all had over 20 pounds and the rest of the top 10 had over 18 pounds. With so many local guys doing well it is politically incorrect to pick a leader or stronger angler. Barry Pringle and Derek Strub are both in the top 10 and  Chris Johnson is in 11th with 18 pounds. Again, never count out Bob Izumi or Mike Desforges. They are too talented to ever dismiss. I'll give it another day but my faves are Frost and Costabile.

The official press release will be up shortly.

Top 20
1  BRAD BRODNICKI  AMHERST, NY 5 22-05             
1  SIMON FROST  ST. CATHARINES, ON 5 22-05         
4  JOHN VOYLES  PETERSBURG, IN 5 21-08                
5  JOHN MURRAY  PHOENIX, AZ 5 21-02                 
6  LAWRENCE MAZUR  LANCASTER, NY 5 20-04            
7  BARRY PRINGLE  WELLAND, ON 5 19-07                 
8  JESS CARABALLO  DANBURY, CT 5 18-15               
9  DEREK STRUB  ELORA, ON 5 18-10                
10  BILL CHAPMAN  SALT ROCK, WV 5 18-07           
12  DANIEL WELCH  NEW MARTINSVILLE, WV 5 18-03              
13  RANDY YARNALL  WOMELSDORF, PA 5 18-01             
14  MATT STASIAK  PITTSBURGH, PA 5 17-14                
15  FAB MARCHESE  ANCASTER, ON 5 17-08              
15  STEVE VOROS  SPRINGFIELD, ON 5 17-08              
17  ALVARO LOPEZ RODRIGUEZ  SAINT CHARLES, IL 5 17-07               
18  GEORGE LAMBETH  THOMASVILLE, NC 5 17-05               
19  KEVIN SHORT  MAYFLOWER, AR 5 17-04            

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion): Pre-tournament info PART 2

By Luigi De Rose
WOW, just checked the list of pros fishing. So many Ontario guys who are amazing tournament anglers with a tremendous amount of local knowledge. This event will be a trick one to call. Here are a few to watch out for. (No particular order or ranking in their names)

Barry Pringle (strong angler but not much big tournament experience)
Bob Izumi (Izumi, what can you say. He just won and he is Izumi!)
Ernst Janzen (Super strong tournament angler)
Franklin Janzen (same)
Simon Frost ( a super heavy weight who really, really knows this water)
Derek Strub (very strong and I'm sure he did his homework here)

All are super strong. The Johnson Brothers will also be fishing. Not sure about how much time they spent here. They have a very heavy tournament schedule but both are lethal.

My American pick is a good one; John Murray from Arizona. I've met him a few times and he is a master at catching suspended bass. He did very well here in the past, I think a top 5, at the Bassmaster event Kota won. He is always in his element with clear water. Being an Elite angler is a huge plus.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion): Pre-tournament info

By Luigi De Rose
Mike Desforges All The Way!
The FLW EverStart Northern on Lake Erie is one day away. This year it is out of Buffalo, New York and the fishing should be good. The eastern portion of Lake Erie offers two distinct fishing environments; the big lake and the upper Niagara River. Both sections offer great fishing but only the main lake offers a chance to win. The place is smallmouth heaven. If you don't fish for brown then you're going down. 

Lake Erie is a bowl shaped area with not as much structure as one would wish for. Subtleties are the key to unlocking the smallmouth game here. Suspended bass are another technique that will win. Much more technically risky than dragging bottom, colossal bass hover off bottom. Kota Kiriyama won the last Bassmater tournament the last time the Elite anglers were in Buffalo fishing this way. So it can be done.

Techniques will not vary much. Drop shotting and dragging tubes (if the bottom is clean) are really the two best methods. This time of year is not great for big spinnerbaits, jerkbaits or even spoons. Finding the best schools of fish and being able to fish them well is the key to this tournament.

Weather is a huge factor; maybe the most critical factor in this tournament. The eastern portion of Lake Erie offers no shelter from pounding wind and waves. You could duck into the River, but your chances to consistently doing well drops dramatically. 

Gaspare Costabile another top Pick.
Big players will be mostly Canadians again. The taste of blood is in everyone's mouth and they're out for more trophies. 

My pick is simple. Mike DesForges all the way. He has won many times from Buffalo and he is simply the man out there. Not sure if he is fishing, the pairing is not up yet, is Gaspare Costabile. He is a local and had several near misses on Lake Erie with American tournaments. He is another easy pick.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 4: Official Press Release

National Guard pro sacks 61 pounds from brush to claim Forrest Wood Cup
14.Aug.2011 by Brett Carlson

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Despite having three Walmart FLW Tour wins, it was easy to recognize Scott Martin as the son of legendary angler Roland Martin. But after claiming the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita, it’s clear Martin has stepped out of his father’s shadow and is carving his own remarkable career.

With his fourth victory in hand, Martin trails only David Fritts in terms of FLW Tour wins. Even more impressive is that the Clewiston, Fla., native has won on a natural lake (Champlain twice), a river (Pascagoula) and an impoundment (Ouachita). After cashing a $600,000 check, his career earnings of nearly $2 million rank second only to David Dudley in FLW Outdoors history. The accolades are striking, but Martin had to work for his Ouachita win.

After alternating between shallow and deep during practice, Martin became convinced he could catch quality largemouths offshore. When it became obvious most of the field was fishing shallow, it only cemented his decision to stay off the bank.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 4: Scott Martin Wins it All!

By Luigi De Rose
First of all, sorry for being away from the computer. Family camping trip was fun but fell right over the Forrest L. Wood Cup.

Scott Martin win the
Forrest L. Wood Cup
(photos by Brent Carlson and Gary Mortenson FLW)
Scott Martin, son of Bassmaster Super Star, Roland Martin, wins the 2011 FLW Forrest L. Wood Cup. Sticking to his deep water tactics, he performed well enough to win his most covenant prize . Surprisingly, he keep his focus on the deeper water, anywhere from 12 to 20 feet of water and did well. Many famous off-shore anglers who should have done well and didn't missed something that Scott Martin didn't.

Focusing on schooling bass during overcast conditions, which occurred on the first and third day of the tournament, he later alternated with a big worm and drop shot worm. When the sunny skies cut through the haze, he focused on drop shotting to bass visible on the depth finder. On Sunday, the last day, he worked a big worm through the many brush piles he discovered by accident. During his victory interview with FLW Outdoors, Scott eluded to the fact that he didn't realize that many brushpiles existed around his main fishing spot. It was only after snagging his spinhead/swimbait rig time and time again, that he realized the cover was there. When the fishing conditions turned poor, Scott rigged a large worm and fished it through each of the brush piles. This last day moved propelled him to the winner circle.

Great job Scott!

Roland and MaryAnn Martin (two top anglers) with their son Scott and his wife.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 2: Where and How with What

By Luigi De Rose

Here is a look at what the top anglers are doing on Lake Ouachita, Arkansas at the 2011 Forrest L. Wood Cup Championship. The top FLW anglers seem to be on the same pattern. Finding areas, just off the bank, where schools of panfish (bream or bluegills) are cruising.

All Photos from Rob Newell and David A. Brown of FLW.

Shallow, mid-range flats; shoreline with a huge focus of rock; some timber and a bit of grass. The photos reveal a big drop in water level and this should have the bass more focused on what remaining cover is in the water. Many pros have indicated that the baitfish not the cover is most important.

Jason Christie works his banks to first place.

Randall Tharp is working the same sort of mid-cove stuff.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 2: Jason Christie Takes Lead, Martin in 2nd.

By Luigi De Rose

Jason Christine using a noisy prop bait
on Day 2
(Photos: Rob Newell FLW)
Day 2 saw a few flips and some flops in the FLW Cup. Sunny skies still had fish shallow and the anglers willing to hunt for them did well. Off-shore anglers, who typically do well during the summer failed. Many are explaining the strongest pattern as a "bream bite". Bream is another word for panfish or sunfish. These fish are up shallow with the bass close behind. Typically, in April, May, June or even in early July, the sunfish are up shallow spawning and largemouth take advantage of the abundance of food. Considering Lake Ouachita has had water temps in the low 90F and it's mid-summer, many felt the fish would be all located in deeper brush. But those fish are reluctant to bite whereas the shallow bass are feeding well.

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 1: Martin Off and Running

National Guard pro leads 2011 Forrest Wood Cup with 19 pounds, 2 ounces
by Brett Carlson
Day 1 leader, Scott Martin
HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – With a breeze, periodic showers and overcast skies, day one of the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup provided a rare reprieve from the oppressive summertime heat. And as many predicted, Lake Ouachita responded favorably, churning out several sacks in the upper teens. The biggest came from 10-time Cup qualifier Scott Martin.

Martin managed most of his 19 pounds, 2 ounces within the first two hours of the morning. And the bulk of it came from one area. That’s quite a way to start the richest tournament in professional bass fishing.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 1: Scott Martin Leads with Big Bag!

The Forest Wood Cup is a huge party!
(Photo: FLW)
By Luigi De Rose
Scott Martin takes Day 1 of the FLW, Forrest L. Wood Cup Championship. Held on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, anglers were met with heavy rains and cooler temps on the first day. Practice for the Cup was under clear skies and triple digit temps. If the weather changes again after this front, the leader board might shake violently.

TOP 10
1 MARTIN, SCOTT 19-02 (5)    
2 CHRISTIE, JASON 18-01 (5)    
3 COULTER, BRANDON 18-00 (5)     
4 YELAS, JAY 17-05 (5)    
5 THARP, RANDALL 16-00 (5)  
6 LUCAS, JUSTIN 14-14 (5)    
7 STRELIC, JON 14-12 (5)    
8 WHEELER, JACOB 14-10 (5)    
9 ROSE, MARK 14-09 (5)    
10 MEYER, CODY 14-02 (5)    

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 1: They're OFF!

2011 Forrest Wood Cup commences under thunderstorms, cloudy skies
11.Aug.2011 by Brett Carlson

ROYAL, Ark. – During each of the past two Walmart FLW Tour qualifiers, it was common knowledge that the tournament would be dominated on deep, offshore ledges. But as the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup gets under way on Lake Ouachita, several patterns have the potential to go the distance.

Although the water temperature is hovering around 90 degrees, there is significant activity in the shallows. Not only are the bream bedding with the impending full moon, but there are considerable schooling windows as well. And Thursday morning’s cloudy, stormy weather should only help the skinny-water bite.
FLW Live, an online application that brings fans real-time weigh-in results, streaming video and audio.

In addition to FLW Live, is offering real-time updates from the water throughout each day of the Forrest Wood Cup. Simply click on the “On the Water” tab from any of the home pages.

Thursday’s conditions

Sunrise: 6:30 a.m.
Temperature at takeoff: 72 degrees
Expected high temperature: 93 degrees
Water temperature: 89-93 degrees
Wind: E at 11 mph
Maximum humidity: 61 percent
Day’s outlook: scattered thunderstorms

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ICAST 2011 Molix's SuperNato and Vario Crankbait with Randy Howell and ibassin 1.m4v

ICAST 2011 in Vegas with Randy Howell, Bassmaster Elite Angler, as he explains two of Molix's lures: the Supernato and the Vario crankbait. This one is a bit late. Some how it didn't get up-loaded with the rest. Molix is an Italian company that has a whole range of cool and unique baits. Randy Howell explains the SuperNato hybrid crank and the new Vario crankbait.

One thing many might not know is that Randy Howell is one of the nicest guys a person can meet. I haven't shared a boat with him, but I met his last year and spend a few hours with him this year at ICAST. What a super nice guy. Really down to earth and he knows fishing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Changes to Power-Pole for 2012

By Luigi De Rose

The New 10 Footer.
The Power-Pole booth at ICAST was hopping and for good reasons. One, they're the hottest equipment for boating to come along in some time. A Power-Pole is a shallow water anchor/spear that plunges into the water and keeps the boat stationary. It works with a hydraulic pump. Touch a button, the arm extends outward and downward similar to a shovel of a backhoe excavator.

Show up at almost any high level tournament these days and gawk at the army of Power-Poles. The uses are endless. Usually, they're to keep the boat still and motionless while fishing up shallow or working a piece of cover. It eliminates constant repositioning with the trolling motor. One of the most useful uses is loading and unloading the boat by yourself. No more need to tie off and arrange the bumpers to avoid crashing into the dock. Lock the poles in will keep the boat in one place while you park your boat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bay Of Quinte Fishing Report July 27, 2011

Bay Of Quinte Fishing Report ( A Tad Late)
Finally went fishing with my long time friend Joey. He just sold his Stratos and picked up a Bass Cat, so we took my Skeeter for the day. Launching out of Trenton, the water was dark; really dark. I guess the two days of rain we had last week all funnelled into the Trent System. Well, out from Trenton, huge areas of the lake and several bays were also dark. The weeds were clean but starting to silt up. Having the daker rain water was not a plus. We couldn't buy a bite. We tried the many weed flats, some pads, a few trees and drops. All with a big zero.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wave signs Bassmaster Elite Angler John Murray

YANTIS, Texas — Wave announced today that well-known Bassmaster Elite Series angler, deep water structure expert and six-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, John Murray, has been signed to their national pro staff.

Monday, August 1, 2011