Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy Times!

The last few weeks have been crazy for anyone in fishing. If you worked or visited shows, I hope you enjoyed them. Sports shows are great and it is fun to see all the new tackle and chat with friends. I had the pleasure to enjoy dinner with Ontario OUT OF DOORS magazine's Senior Editor Gord Ellis. We always head out of Japanese food. This year, fellow OOD writer Drew Myers came with us. Drew is a great angler and hunter. Unfortunately, for me, he lives way the hell up in northern Ontario. I think it is closer if I drive to Florida from my house than it is to visit him. We got to spend a morning float fishing for steelhead trout but the water levels were high and murky. Still it was fun to get out. Too bad Drew lives too far away. One day I'll make the trek to visit him.

While at the Toronto Sportsmen Show I shot a few videos and chatted about some new tackle.  A few videos have been released with another three coming soon. One thing is clear, companies want your business. Everyday I have to weed through discount ads and promotions attracting anglers. Sorry if you're getting tired of seeing them but who doesn't love discounts and free stuff. I personally cannot say no to a good deal. Anyways, there are a few more promotional stuff and contests coming so keep a look out.

One thing I have been having great difficultly finding is suitable jigheads for the Alabama rigs. I have a few rigs without jigs to go with them. I'm trying to find ones that are 1/16oz or 1/8oz  but with a larger 3/0 or 4/0  hook. I want the hook to hold the bait and fish well without the weight to bog down everything. I see plenty of 3/8oz jigs but I'm not interested. Another thing is that I have to keep the rig as weedless as possible but most jigs are poured with a 90 degree hook. I find 60 degree jigs way better for slipping through the grass.

If you have any suggestions, please email your personal choices. I've been looking high and low.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and I'll be trying to keep the blog fresh everyday. The next FLW tournament looks like bed fishing fest. Should be interesting.
See you soon.

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