Thursday, November 20, 2014

Backwoods Rods: A Real Canadian Gem.

A Nickel for Good Luck!
By Luigi De Rose

Being an outdoor writer has perks and one of them is seeing amazing fishing gear. IBASSIN readers have enjoyed photos and read stories of my trips to Japanese tackle stores and discoveries at ICAST but rarely do we celebrate local talent. Backwoods Rods is a Canadian rod company that takes craftsmenship to the next level. 

The ALPS Nickel Butt Cap
offers a truly unique Canadian touch.
Daniel Sturges and his Backwoods fishing rods caught my attention recently. The on-line world is flooded with companies trying to lighten your wallet but most often nothing is ever too exciting. 

Backwoods Rods seemed different right off the bat and the more I discovered about the him and his team of three master rod builders, the more interested I became. 

 Daniel makes several species specific rods but I focused on the bass gear. Over his 18 years of rod building, Daniel has created 140 models so customers can obtain the exact action, size and feel they crave. 

Here is a photo essay and run down of his bass rods.

First is a 7'6" Telescopic Flippin/Pitchin Styx with a Anodized "Dual Trigger Reel Seat" Titanium/Zirconium "Flanged" Casting Guides. They also do a 7'10" -1 Pc. Rattin/Frog Rod as well as a Swimbait Rod with Split Cork Handles.

Components and rod blank are brought in from Batson Enterprises in Sequim Washington. They start 
with a Rainshadow RX8 Rod Blank which are extremely light yet very powerful.

More custom rod work below

Using the Highest Performing Bass Rod Blank, the Rainshadow RX8 +. They build the High Caliber Series rods which offers a Burlwood reel seats and accents on the RX8+ spinning.

Another rod series is the Bass/Master's Shock Wave using the same quality rod blank with ALPS Marine Aluminum Reel Seats. They offer this handle in five different colours: Gloss Black, Silver, Dark Smoke, Cobalt Blue and Pale Gold!

On their spinning rods they use VS3 a fantastic "Triple Bridge" Titanium/Zirconium guides. Backwoods loves their strength, beauty and lightness.The matching rod's tip top is also flanged.

To discover more about the Backwood's rod company, find them on the web or facebook.

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