Thursday, April 30, 2020

Two Bass Fishing Legends Deal with Cancer

Cancer scares Aaron Martens and Shaw Grigsby Jr. 
By Luigi De Rose 

Cancer has gripped two popular MLF pros in recent days. Aaron Martens has undergone 2 brain surgeries after suffering seizures while fishing on Saturday, April 11. Surgery and testing confirmed cancer tumors in his brain. He will under go future radiation and chemo to combat this disease. Aaron's strong physical character has been a blessing as he is up and active as he recovers from surgery. Aaron is very appreciative of his fans and is trying to remain strong as he prepares for his next step towards recovery. 

Here's a link to see his most recent Facebook video:

Fellow MLF pro, Shaw Grigsby notified his friends and fan with a Facebook post that he underwent kidney surgery earlier this week. He indicated that doctors discovered his cancer very early and expects the surgery to be a success. 

On his Facebook Fan page, Shaw wrote, "It’s sad that so many of my friends and family have had to deal with Cancer during their life time. Now it’s my turn. Kidney surgery scheduled for 7:30 am tomorrow (April 28, 2020). Doctors say that they found it early so everything looks good. Should be back fishing in about 4 weeks."

Shaw's Facebook page: wishes both anglers and their families strength and plenty of prayers for a speedy recovery.

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