Friday, August 7, 2020

Covid 19: A Hidden Boom for Fishing


Nothing new for anyone who has been waiting in line to launch a boat during Covid. Fishing stores are busy and supplies are running low. Here's a timely article from Jeff Helsdon on the matter.


  1. How to use Spinning Reel

    Spinning Reels: The Basics
    Spinning reels, also known as open face reels, sit directly beneath the rod. Spinning reels have a fixed spool, meaning it does not rotate, and gets its name from the rotor that spins and oscillates around the spool, laying line evenly back on it. If you want to know about the right spinning reel to buy, check out the best spinning reel review.

    The spool sits in line with the length of the rod which means the line comes off at an odd angle. This odd angle reduces the distance of casts that can be obtained compared to baitcasters. The overall design, including the gear layout, also reduces the gear ratios compared to baitcasters.

    The basic parts of a spinning reel include the reel foot, which is what sets in the rod’s reel seat and holds the reel in place, the main body where the internal gear system is held, the spool, rotor, bail, line roller, drag adjustment dial, arm, and grip knob.

    Where spinning reels excel is in being able to use lighter lures often needed for finesse fishing applications. Spinning reels are also more resistant to wind because it is a fixed spool.

    They are also much easier to become proficient in than baitcasters and is probably the main reason they are used by a lot of anglers.

    Still, spinning reels have some intricacies in how to work them, and we are going to take a look at some of these next. best spinning reels

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