Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Yamamoto Announces New Yamatanuki: Heavy Gravity Bait


Staying true to our roots of innovative baits that absolutely catch fish,

we bring you the Yamatanuki. While this is it’s first time being available in

the US, it has been a very popular bait for the Japanese Yamamoto lineup for years.

The Yamatanuki is credited as the bait that started a trend of “heavy” soft

plastic lures that have become popular in the US in recent years with offerings

from Japanese manufacturers.

The original Yamatanuki will be available in a 3.5” size that weighs 5/8 oz.

It is made from a custom “heavy” soft plastic formula that allows it to be fished

weightless yet cast great and fall fast. This makes the Yamatanuki an incredible

option for flipping, casting and dragging, as well as casting to fish on

forward-facing sonar. The 8 colors are handpicked by our pros to give anglers

an awesome array of fish-catching options no matter what conditions they face.

The Yamatanuki is another incredible tool in your fishing catching arsenal

brought to you by the world’s most premium soft plastic brand, Yamamoto Baits.

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