Thursday, October 19, 2023

MLF announces strategic plan for 2024 Bass Pro Tour and beyond

MLF returns to its roots, reinstates “every fish counts” format on the Bass Pro Tour, announces exclusive field of 50 anglers in 2025 to showcase top performers

Major League Fishing, the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, today announced long-term plans for the Bass Pro Tour, including an investment in increased livestreaming of MLF competition, a return to the “every fish counts” scoring format, and an exclusive roster of 50 anglers for the Bass Pro Tour in 2025 to increase visibility and showcase top performers.

2025 Bass Pro Tour

The 2025 Bass Pro Tour field will feature an all-star roster of 50 anglers comprised of the top 35 pros from the 2024 Bass Pro Tour lifetime Angler of the Year (AOY) standings, the Top 10 anglers from the 2024 Bass Pro Tour single-year standings that did not qualify via the top 35 lifetime AOY standings, and the top five anglers from the 2024 Tackle Warehouse Invitationals.

Each regular-season 2025 Bass Pro Tour event will be four days with every angler competing the first two days. The Top 20 anglers based on two-day cumulative weight will advance to the Knockout Round (Day 3). Weights will reset in the Knockout Round, and the Top 10 anglers will advance to the Championship Round (Day 4). Winners will be determined by heaviest cumulative weight from the Knockout and Championship rounds.

“The future of our sport is livestreaming, catch-weigh-immediate release and every fish counts,” said MLF President and CEO Boyd Duckett. “By focusing on 50 anglers in a more compact event that’s easy for both die-hard and casual fans alike to follow, we’ll do what other successful leagues have done to grow – focus on a small group of the highest performers and make them the most visible personalities in the sport. It also allows us to enhance what are already the sport’s best payouts.”

Each Stage on the 2025 Bass Pro Tour will pay $130,000 to the winner and $2,000 through 50th place. REDCREST will feature the sport’s top award of $300,000 with $10,000 through 20th place and $5,000 through last place. Heavy Hitters will feature $100,000 for a win with big bass awards in each round of $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000.

Not only does the Bass Pro Tour feature the sport’s best payouts and biggest media platform, its anglers graduate through the sport’s most lucrative qualifying circuits – the nationally-televised and livestreamed Tackle Warehouse Invitationals, Toyota Series Presented by Phoenix Boats, Phoenix Bass Fishing League Presented by T-H Marine, and Abu Garcia College Fishing Presented by YETI.

Reinstating “every fish counts” scoring

Scoring on the Bass Pro Tour will return to the “every fish counts” format in 2024. After scoring each anglers’ five biggest bass per day in 2023, the change will recapture the excitement and pressure of the Tour’s original format.

“We responded in 2023 to fans and anglers that wanted to see how five-fish scoring would work with our SCORETRACKER® live leaderboard,” said MLF Executive Vice President and General Manager Kathy Fennel. “Unfortunately, viewership growth was stagnant. The Bass Pro Tour thrives on intense competition, and the scoring change affected the Tour’s competitiveness in an unexpected way. By reinstating the every fish counts scoring structure and having fewer anglers in the Knockout Round, pros will no longer be able to let their guard down without the risk of being overtaken by someone climbing SCORETRACKER®.”

2024 Bass Pro Tour tournament format

In addition to the scoring change, the format of each Bass Pro Tour event in 2024 will also be adjusted. Forty anglers in Group A will compete on Days 1 and 3, and 40 anglers in Group B will compete on Days 2 and 4. Only the Top 10 anglers from each group – based on the two-day, heaviest cumulative weight – will advance to the Knockout Round (Day 5). Weights will be zeroed for the Knockout Round, and the Top 10 anglers will advance to the Championship Round (Day 6). Weights from the Knockout Round will carry over into the Championship Round, and the winner of each event will be decided by the heaviest Knockout and Championship round two-day cumulative weight.

The complete 2024 Bass Pro Tour schedule is available at

MLFNOW! livestream expansion

MLF is adding nearly 20% to its livestream offerings in 2024 with the addition of the General Tire Team Series to its MLFNOW! lineup. All six days of competition from each of the three General Tire Team Series qualifiers and all seven days from the General Tire Team Series Championship, filmed in the fall of 2024 for television broadcast in 2025, will be livestreamed on MLFNOW! 

Each 2024 Bass Pro Tour Stage will feature four days of MLFNOW! livestreamed coverage – the final two days of the Qualifying Round, the Knockout Round and the Championship Round. REDCREST 2024 will stream all four days of competition, and the General Tire Heavy Hitters all-star event will stream all six days of competition. MLF will also livestream all three days at each Tackle Warehouse Invitational stop as well as the final day of competition from the Toyota Series Championship, Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American and Abu Garcia College Fishing National Championship. All told, fishing fans will have a total of 84 full days of Major League Fishing livestreamed content to consume in 2024.

“The General Tire Team Series is one of our most exciting products,” Duckett said. “Condensing the Bass Pro Tour livestream to four days allows us to expand our Team Series coverage, which is a win-win for fans. We’ll have an easier to follow Bass Pro Tour format and an extended season with 25 days of Team Series livestream coverage to watch in the fall.”

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