Monday, December 18, 2023

The Berkley Swamp Lord: New Menace in the Pads

 A hollow belly topwater frog that elicits explosive bites from big bass in the nastiest of environments

Every angler knows just how much fun a topwater frog bite can be. But not all frogs are made the same. Designed by Berkley Labs in partnership with expert frog fisherman and 2022 Major League Fishing Redcrest Champion Bobby Lane, the Berkley Swamp Lord is the true frog king of fishing.

The Berkley Swamp Lord features optimally angled, sticky sharp Berkley Fusion19 hooks and a soft, yet extremely durable material that easily collapses – maximizing an angler’s hookup ratio. The sealed hook shank allows for a tighter fit with the body of the bait, reducing water intrusion for uninterrupted fishing. Available in both standard and popping models, the Swamp Lord conquers any environment to elicit only the most explosive of topwater blowups.

• Optimized system to increase hook-up ratio
• Ultra soft body and design allows for quick collapse
• Sealed hook shank, body chamber reduces water intrusion
• Optimally angled sticky sharp Berkley Fusion19 hook
• Standard & popping models

Colors: Maverick • Honey Shad • Potomac • Copperhead • Green Pumpkin • Burnt Bone • Bone • Chartreuse Perch • MF Bluegill • Spring Frog • Bully • Voodoo Black

MSRP: $9.99
Available: September, 2023

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