Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Every bite matters. Every fish counts. If it’s not in the boat, it doesn’t count. Period.

To maximize the number of fish in the boat, Rapala® went to its roster of top bass pros to develop a premium suspending jerkbait. After countless prototypes and months of testing, Rapala is introducing the first lure in the new PXR family, the Mavrik™ 110 jerkbait

If you’re looking for that extra edge, this is the jerkbait to turn to.

“This is the best suspending jerkbait that I’ve ever fished,” said Rapala pro Ott DeFoe, a Rapala Pro, Bassmaster Classic Champion and winner of 11 other top-tier Bassmaster and Major League Fishing (MLF) tournaments.

PXR stands for Precision, Xtreme®, Redline. The first in a series of elite, professional-grade lures to be introduced by Rapala, the PXR Mavrik is a suspending jerkbait made with the finest construction and unrivaled technical qualities demanded by Rapala’s pro staff.

The PXR Mavrik™ provides premium features, starting with Rapala’s Long-Cast System, which provides accurate, ultra-long casts to maximize time in the strike zone. 

“It’s castability is huge,” said Rapala pro Jacob Wheeler, Major League Fishing's 2019 World Champion and 2-time AOY.

The lure’s suspending, head-down attitude mimics an injured baitfish. Hard-cutting, semi-erratic action makes the PXR Mavrik a versatile jerkbait for any condition. You can fish it slow with short twitches to walk the bait side-to-side or give it a quick snap to get the bait to turn nearly 180 degrees. 

“The PXR Mavrik is a complete system jerkbait,” added Wheeler. “In a tournament setting, you need to effectively catch suspending bass and a jerkbait is without question one of the very best tools to do that. I like to snap it a couple times to walk it under the water and then give it one hard snap and give the bait slack. That’s the bear trap and how I get over 90% of my bites.”

The high-quality components don’t stop there. The new PXR Mavrik is armed with three premium VMC® RedLine Series™ No. 5 treble hooks to make this a complete fish-catching jerkbait.

“These are the ultimate in treble hooks, thin yet strong, sticky sharp and the perfect shape to help me land every bite” said DeFoe. “VMC RedLine hooks provide the security you need.”

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