Sunday, January 23, 2011

What to do?

It's fun but it's still not fishing.
 Where I live it is freezing out side! I was at Bass Pro shops yesterday and ran into some cool guys from the Ontario Chinese Anglers Association in Markham, Ontario. One asked if I had been ice fishing yet. When I replied no, he questioned if I was waiting for the ice to get thicker. "No, I'm waiting for it to melt!" I kidded. We all laughed and then sighed at the thought of waiting for a few more months before our boats slip back into the water.

What to do when you're cooped up inside?  We'll discuss off season chores and activities that will get you ready for the lake.  

Check out the buzz bait article. There are some home improvements you can do to your favourite buzzers to make them even better.

Keep in touch because I will certainly be in touch.

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