Monday, January 31, 2011

Beating the Winter Blues Part 1: Reading

One of the best ways to kick the blues is reading. There are a lot of cool books out there. Some old and some new are an excellent way to enjoy the fishing scene from the comforts of home. 
Mike's newest one.

Some recommended reads.
Finesse Fishing with Mike Iaconelli by Ike and Steve Price is a new book on finesse fishing. Haven't seen it but it should be a good one. Steve Price is a serious writer with decades of skill. Should be helpful at honing any one's skills. 

 Fishing on the Edge by Mike Iaconelli is a super read. Probably one of the best to illustrate the frustration, fun and foolishness that goes on in tournaments. A key part of the book is the hardcore, internal turmoil of Mike's personal life before and after his Classic win. This is not a "how to" book but an inside view of life on the road towards an impossible dream.  

Bass Madness by Ken Schultz is a super book that paints a not so rosy portrait but honest of BASS and bass fishing tournaments at the national level. The book runs through the 2005 and 2006 Bassmaster season and what a season it was. Some of the key high lights are: Ike gets DQ at the Classic, Luke Clausen wins the Classic and leaves BASS, the rise of BASS, Bass heads, along with plenty of historical details no previous book has offered.

Diary of a Bass Pro by Joe Thomas and the late Tim Tucker is a super book. Not really a golden oldie but a book dear to my heart. I can still recall reading this book while sitting in my dorm room. It was pure magic. The book portrays life on a 

Almost 20 years old and still a winner!
day to day basis. The true mechanics of pre-tournament organization,  practice and each tournament day as it unfolds. Joe is a power fisherman and the setting is 1991/1992 season on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail. Live the misfortunes and cheer as each bass makes it into the boat. A really super book.

It is from the In-Fisherman so you know it must be good.
Largemouth Bass Secrets An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies by Al and Ron Lindner, Bobby and Billy Murray and Chet Meyers is really a classic. A must read for anyone who loves to learn. Many might consider this book out-dated but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a key foundation piece that mapped out the blue print of how to fish lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Detailed mapping and classifications of lakes and impoundments is critical for everyone. This is the book today's super stars read to learn how to find bass on new water. If you can find it buy it and buy another for a friend.

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