Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ICAST 2013: Media Night Sneak Peak

New Minn Kota Talon (12 foot  3 section version).
They also dropped the main motor housing half way down the Talon.
Should be a show winner. 

Mustad's New KVD X-rig.
Mustad took Bernard Yong-Set's idea and many others.
Nice to know I helped in the original design. This is a spin-off
of the original Jika Rig I wrote about years ago in
Ontario OUT OF DOORS magazine. 

PowerPro's New Microfilament Braid.

Quantum's New Energy Spinning. (might have got this name wrong
because the security guard yelled to not touch anything when another
press guy picked a reel up. Was funny at the time but everyone jumped.


Shimano's new Chronarch Ci4+.
A lot of writer loved this reel but we couldn't pick them up with
cops looking over us.

Live Target's Bait Ball Crankbait. 

Yo-Zuri's Sashimi Craw. This one looks super cool!

Strike King's Tour Grade Rage Blade

Lucky Craft's New Skeet Reese Super large crankbait.
Sorry forgot the name. Was chatting with the guy from Field and Stream.
(an answer to Strike King's 10X) 

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