Wednesday, October 21, 2015

IBASSIN's Drop Shot Guide Part 2: Off Set Hooks

Big hooks Better Bite?
By Luigi De Rose

The offset or straight shank worm hook has its roots in bass fishing. It is the original drop shot hook for largemouth and is still very popular but smallmouth guys shy away from it; that’s their mistake.  Worm hooks do have many positives especially in strength and hooking deeper.

Its difficult to find a strong hook that is thin enough to stick a big smallmouth down deep and sharp enough to pass the barb on light hook sets. Hooks with too thick of a gauge are murder to use with thin line and lighter action rods.

There are just too many choices to summarize or create a "Top 5" list. Hooks must be strong yet sharp and offer enough length to hold the bait well but not so long to oversize small, thin baits. Take the time to take advantage of offset or straight-shanked worm hook for smallmouth bass.

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