Wednesday, April 25, 2018

BASS Elites and FLW Tour Fishing this Weekend!

Get ready for some serious bass fishing overload starting Thrusday. Both BASS and FLW will have tournaments this weekend with live feeds on the weekend (BASS Live starts Friday). What to watch first? Depends on what you wish to see. FLW Tour anglers will be on Smith Lake which should be in full spawn mode. Watching guys bed fish can be a snooze but if the pre-spawn topwater bite is hot, you'll be in for some epic coverage.

Bass Elite guys will be on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. April equals fishing the bushes and trees. Christie won Grand Lake in April by catching schooling bass in bays with buck brush. Expect the shallow bite to be good again as this long winter should have many of the bass thinking about spawning.

Either way, get ready for some fever pitched bass fishing. IBASSIN will have you covered with all the results and press releases.

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