Thursday, May 24, 2018

Inspect Your PFD!

Newest PFD and Maintenance Checklist underscore the brand’s mission to save lives

In time for National Safe Boating Week, Mustang Survival has created a comprehensive Guide for PFD Inspection and Maintenance (available for download HERE). According to the National Safe Boating Council, 80 percent of boating deaths reported in 2016 in the U.S. were due to drowning, and 83 percent of victims were not wearing a life jacket. As the adage goes, “The best PFD is the one you wear.”

While “the best PFD is the one you wear,” it can only save your life if it works. So the importance of regular inspection and maintenance cannot be overstated. Mustang Survival recommends a visual inspection before every use to check that:
  1. There are no rips, tears, excessive abrasion or holes; all seams are securely sewn; and the cover, straps and hardware are still strong
  2. Oral-inflation dust cap is in the stowed position
  3. The PFD is not twisted
  4. All zippers, closures and waist buckle are secure
  5. Inflator status indicator is green. Some PFDs have more than one status indicator. Refer to product manual if you’re not sure
  6. The inflator pull-tab is hanging on the outside

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