Sunday, August 4, 2019

Todd Currie and Shawn Stenson Win the 2019 Renegade Bass Tour 1000 Island Open with 68.17lbs!

Monster Smallmouth Fest
By Luigi De Rose

Todd Currie and Shawn Stenson's 5.6lb smallmouth
average is just staggering.
(Photo: Andrew Shufelt)
The three-day Renegade 1000 Island Open had perfect conditions to tame the giant bass and the 100 bass teams didn’t disappoint. None fish better than the team of Todd Currie and Shawn Stenson who landed 12 bass for 68.17lbs to claim the title plus $15 384 in prize money. Their 12 bass averaged a whopping 5.6lb average. Second place went to Fab Marchese and Nick Cousivis who scored 62.50lbs and third went to Mike Desforges and Derek Strub who sack 60.42lbs.

The Renegade 1000 Island Open shone a spotlight on the amazing bass fishing to be had in the eastern Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River region. This is giant smallmouth territory but many anglers added big bonus largemouth to help them scale the leaderboard.  

This year, the 2-person team daily limit was set at 4 down from the traditional 5 bass limit. This was enacted to ensure greater success in fish being released healthy; a chore considering the hot weather, long boat rides and fish being caught from deep water common to this event. In light of the recent disaster at the B1 bass tournament on the St. Lawrence where hundreds of fish were killed, the 4 bass daily limit seemed wise and very timely.
The event’s big bass was captured by the team of Cal and Paul Climpson who netted $960 for their prehistoric 7.87 lb bass.

Rob Hyatt and Ray Willick were the lucky anglers to win the “Turn the Key to Win” a fully rigged Bass Cat Bass boat package.

For full results link over to Renegade Bass Tour.

1 Todd Currie / Shawn Stenson 68.17 LBS.
2 Fab Marchese / Nick Cousivis 62.50 LBS.
3 Mike Desforges / Derek Strub 60.42 LBS.
4 Cal Climpson / Paul Climpson 59.94 LBS.
5 Mitch Griffiths / Ron Griffiths 59.06 LBS.
 6 Brian Hughes / Anais Chaves 58.90 LBS.
7 Roger Tetreault / Pierre Senecal 58.35 LBS.
8 Mat Seeley / Mark Stoughton 58.21 LBS.
9 Phillip Hegarty / Stephan Hegarty 58.15 LBS.
10 Martin Szomolanyi / Chad Wentzell 57.92 LBS.

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