Friday, September 3, 2021

10 Trolling Motor Maintenance Tips

Minn Kota® trolling motors have been around for over 86 years and they’re the toughest out there, but that doesn’t mean periodic maintenance should be ignored.

We’re going to break down the most important trolling motor maintenance and care procedures for all trolling motors to keep them running like new for years to come.

A little bit of TLC goes a long way in keeping this important fishing tool in good condition.

Check and Tighten Battery Connections

Poor connections to batteries are one of the most common sources of trolling motor problems. All trolling motors require a clean connection to power to run effectively.

While this doesn’t necessarily extend the life of your trolling motor, it does prevent unwanted headaches during your valuable time on the water.

trolling motor battery connection maintenance. Simply pull out your wrench or socket and check that all connection points are snug. 

While you are there, check the battery terminals and wires for corrosion. Give them a quick clean with fine sandpaper or emery cloth and replace any corroded wires.

It's also important to check any additional connection points, for example, where your trolling motor wire meets a terminal ring. If it's loose, re-snug or replace the terminal ring.

Frequency: It only takes a minute, so it may be good to check every or every other outing depending on how often you fish.

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