Thursday, June 22, 2023

Mid-Depth Assassin – the Berkley Dime


Berkley’s newest hard bait weapon that bass cannot resist

Berkley understands what balsa crankbaits can do to help anglers catch more fish, but also recognizes the limitations attributed to wooden baits. Building on the success of their first alternative for a flat-sided balsa crankbait with the Berkley Frittside, the team at Berkley Labs has now taken the same method of proven balsa action and durability and applied it to their newest mid-depth crankbait – the Berkley Dime.

Offering anglers the durability and performance of a plastic bait, the Dime features balsa-like action thanks to Berkley’s patented Flash Disc technology. It not only casts further due to the weight transfer system in the smaller sizes, but it tracks perfectly and features sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hooks for when it’s time to fill the boat. Rounding out the offering are first in class finishes and colorway options to match the hatch that balsa baits cannot achieve. Backed by Berkley science to help anglers catch more fish, the Dime is sure to become a go-to mid-depth crankbait at all times of year.

• Patented Flash Disc Technology achieves balsa like action in a plastic bait
• Weight transfer system for further casting in sizes 4 and 6
• Sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks
• First in class finish and colorways unachieved by balsa baits

Sizes: 4 • 6 • 10 • 15
Colors: Red Swamp Craw • HD Brown Craw • Proper Copper • Blaze • Ghost Green Craw • Spray Tan • Special Red Craw • Ghost Red Craw • Blue Shad • Honey Shad • Killer Gill • Citrus Shad • Ghost Morning Dawn • Ghost Gill • Black Chartreuse • HD Blueback Herring • Pixie Dust • River Bream • Rootbeer Craw • Vanilla Chartreuse • Blue Chartreuse
MSRP: $10.99

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