Thursday, January 4, 2024


With the 2024 National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) season kicking off February 1-3 on the Coosa River at Lake Logan Martin, the final roster has been set as ‘the League’ continues to expand its reach in the fishing industry.

“We’re thrilled to welcome 127 anglers to the NPFL family for the 2024 season, marking a historic milestone as our largest and most diverse field yet,” said Brad Fuller, President of the NPFL. “This assembly of anglers is not only the largest but also stands out as the most eclectic and competitive group we have ever gathered.”

The roster is a fusion of seasoned legends synonymous with excellence and fresh faces entering the Bass fishing world. Showcasing a rich tapestry of fishing expertise and unique life experiences, the accomplishments of our anglers span the entirety of competitive bass fishing history, making this assembly truly extraordinary.

“What truly sets this field apart is the variety of backgrounds and experiences our new anglers bring to the table. From former Professional Arena football players to high-ranking CEOs in Fortune 500 companies and dedicated trauma nurses, the diversity is astonishing,” added Fuller. “We have former Bassmaster Classic Champions and current anglers from the industry’s highest ranks joining our talented roster of anglers; the term ‘eclectic’ encapsulates this group perfectly.”

Whether a seasoned professional, a legend of the sport or a rookie beginning their professional career, each angler has their own success story in bass fishing. Fans will witness a showcase of diverse skills that distinguishes this NPFL season.

2024 National Professional Fishing League Roster

Barron Adams
Gary Adkins
Jacoby Adkins
Mike Alls
Charlie Apperson
Stuart Arthur
Jeff Barth
Hunter Baughman
Tommy Biffle
Brock Bila
Zack Birge
Daniel Blackert
Joey Bloom
John Bosley
John Branch
Michael Brewer
Nick Brown
Jason Burroughs
Bobby Carver
Corey Casey
Douglas Chapin
Brandon Classon
Lonnie Cochran
William Collie
Michael Comeau
Drew Cook
Richard Cooper
Mike Corbishley
John Cox
Wayne “Skeeter” Crosby
Darrell Davis
Seth Ellis
Ron Farrow
Louis Fernandes
Bradley Fetters
Jeff Fitts
William Fletcher
Dylan Freeze
David Fritts
Bailey Gay
Kyle Glasgow
Todd Goade
Buddy Gross
Hayden Hammond
Scott Hamrick
Will Harkins
Chip Harrington
Cole Harris
Brian Hatfield
Stephanie Hemphill-Pellerin
Josh Hooks
Ron Johnson
Richard Kee
Justin Kimmel
Chris Kinley
Ian Leybas
Scott Lindstam
Wes Logan
Matt Looney
Jake Maddux
Buck Mallory
Stuart Martel
Kevin Martin
Lendell Martin Jr
Matt Massey
Matthew McBee
Jason Meninger
Jesse Millsaps
Matt Mollohan
Henry Montgomery
Robert Nakatomi
Christian Nash
Reagan Nelson
Lane Olson
Trent Palmer
Cody Parker
Blaine Partee
Isaac Peavyhouse
Brandon Perkins
Dustin Perry
Spencer Peters
Jamie Pierce
Pete Ponds
Chad Poteat
Mike Quinlin
Timothy Reams
Jason Reyes
Darrel Robertson
Ricky Robinson
Troy Roder
Kevin Rogers
Angel Rosario
JT Russell
Roman Ryan
Hunter Sales
Ryan Satterfield
Craig Saylor
Thomas Shelton
Collin Smith
Dustin Smith
John Soukup
Austin Speer
Micheal Stout
JTodd Tucker
Landon Tucker
Patrick Walters
Josh Watkins
Mitchell Webb
Joseph Webster
Kyle Welcher
Wade Werner
Chris Whisenant
Larry Wilcher
Scott Wiley
Alton Wilhoit
Dustin Wilkey
David Williams
Courtland Williams
Dustin Williamson
Jason Williamson
Alexander Wilson
Jason Wilson
Tim Wilson
Jesse Wise
Robert Wroblewski
Michael Yoder

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