Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Mustad® AlphaPoint® Hooks Available Now


With Norwegian design and manufacturing expertise tracing back to 1877, Mustad hooks are meticulously engineered and purpose-built to assist anglers in conquering every species in any body of water worldwide. Wherever and however you fish, Mustad hooks enhance your fishing experiences by providing superior hooking efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Although Mustad has expanded its offerings to include a variety of lures, rods, and terminal tackle, its reputation remains firmly rooted in top-quality hook production. The AlphaPoint® line, consisting of over two dozen specialized hooks, continues to reinforce this renowned reputation for excellence.

A foundation of premium technologies supports the innovations and design initiatives encompassing all-new AlphaPoint® 4.8 technology. Complementing the strengths of Mustad’s existing premium UltraPoint® 4.3 needlepoint with state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening, AlphaPoint® delivers an even sharper and slimmer hook point that is 4.8 times the wire diameter. 

Debuted at ICAST 2023, the full lineup of AlphaPoint® hooks is now available through select retail outlets and online distributors.

Alpha-Grip Flipping Hook

Designed for tempting bass in heavy cover, where hooksets are often violent, the Alpha-Grip Flipping Hook boasts a 2X strong heavy gauge construction that that

will not flex, bend or break under pressure. Its innovative Alpha-Grip baitholder pin securely holds soft plastics in place, ensuring optimal presentation. The unique angle and red epoxy in the eye provide a steadfast grip when fishing amid dense vegetation. Leveraging Mustad’s AlphaPoint® 4.8 technology, precision fishing is enhanced by the combination of a slimmer, incredibly sharp point and the durability synonymous with Mustad. Furthermore, TitanX finish, delivering a sleek gun-metal appearance, enhances the hook’s sharpness and smoothness to maximize penetration.

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