Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Building on the success of the Rippin Rap, Rapala® is introducing the Rippin’ Blade. 

This slender, lipless, blade bait lure produces a tight, instant vibration on the lift or retrieve and because it is perfectly balanced, it falls upright, reducing line twists and fouling. The Rippin’ Blade comes in 10 premium colors that give a fresh look to the blade bait market. 

The Rippin’ Blade is a hi-tech blade bait designed to be cast, pitched, or vertically jigged. Blade baits excel in cooler water and the Rippin’ Blade is no different, proving its place as a cousin to the Rippin’ Rap. Whether it's early springtime walleyes, late fall smallmouth, or anything in between, the Rippin’ Blade is going to earn a place in every angler’s tackle box.

What’s more, with three-line tie positions on the top blade, it’s easy to customize the action to fish any situation or time of the year. With its tungsten-weighted belly, it gets to the bottom fast and is easy to fish in deep water, heavy currents, or strong wind.

The lure features a durable, metal frame-plastic body construction, a VMC® crankbait snap, and two, super sharp No. 6 VMC® black nickel round bend treble hooks.

The new Rippin’ Blade comes in ten eye-catching colors: chrome blue, clown, chrome tiger, firetiger, gold, gold chrome tiger, glow, purpledescent, silver, and wonderbread. The new lure is being introduced in size no. 7. It has a body length of 2-3/4 inches and weighs 9/16 oz.

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