Wednesday, July 10, 2024

ICAST 2024: Berkley Fusion19 Hybrid Jighead

 Building off the success and premium components of the Berkley Fusion19 Swimbait Jighead, the brand new Fusion19 Hybrid Jighead has all of the same great features with modern roundball jig performance and a 90-degree line tie. Available in two hook size options per head, this versatile jighead gives anglers the opportunity to utilize a variety of soft bait shapes and sizes perfectly tuned for their favorite techniques. 

Designed with a low center of gravity, the Fusion19 Hybrid Jighead is able to maintain precise balance and bait orientation while cutting through the water, providing anglers with the ability to generate a side-topside rolling action that proves deadly with finicky fish.

The Fusion19 Hybrid Jighead comes equipped with a sticky sharp double-conical hook point and a conical bait keeper for straight and precise locked-in rigging. Excelling in a variety of fishing applications, the hybrid jighead can be utilized for mid-strolling, Damiki style baits, finesse swimbaits, and vertical fishing applications. Pair it with Berkley’s new PowerBait Drip Minnow and Drip Swimmer or any of Berkley’s softbaits for an unprecedented advantage.


  • Ultra-sharp double-conical point for easy hook sets
  • Conical bait-keeper for locked in rigging
  • Ballast weighting keeps the jig and soft plastic upright
  • Forged light-wire hook provides strength and finesse
  • High-definition detail and 3D eye for added realism
  • 90-degree line tie "roundball performance" for vertical or casting presentations
  • Weight and hook size printed on head
  • Six weights in two hook sizes each for perfect technique paring
Sizes: 1/32oz #10, 1/32oz #4 • 1/16oz #4, 1/16oz # 1 • 1/8oz 1/0, 1/8oz 3/0 • 3/16oz 1/0, 3/16oz 3/0 • 1/4oz 2/0, 1/4oz 4/0 • 3/8oz 2/0, 3/8oz 4/0
Colors: Pearl White • Chartreuse • Firetiger • Fish Head • Unpainted • Chrome
MSRP: $5.99-$6.99

Available: September 2024

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