Monday, January 2, 2012

New Alabama Rigs "Set The Hook" Introduces the CX4-D, CX4 and CX2


"Set The Hook" Introduces the CX4-D, CX4 and CX2
Peter Savoia, owner of Set the Hook, has released his version of the Alabama Rig.  Creatively called the CX4-D (Canadian X4 Dragger. patent pending) and the CX-4. He also has a two arm one called CX2-W (Canadian X2 walleye rig).
Here are the stats on the rigs
Note the two dragger arms. The legs will keep the bait parallel and slightly off bottom.
The CX4-D and CX4 (traditional Alabama Rig design)
- Designed for dragging on the bottom with two prongs
- Made in Canada
- constructed with .040 Stainless Steel wire
- 30lb duo-lock stainless snap swivels (snaps can be removed to just have the barrel)
- 3 D eyes
- Hard epoxy finish
- Legs are 6" long straight
- 3/4 and 1/2 oz heads versions
It comes with 4 arms that can be contorted to suit your needs.
Canadian x 2 walleye rig
Designed for trolling two worm harness
- 050 stainless steel weir
- only available in 3/4 oz
all the same features as the cx4.

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