Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy week and new tackle

It's been a busy week. Sorry for not getting the new info to you sooner but I've been writing article after article. So what is new? Considering the holidays are over and the weather is finally cold, a lot of bass fishing stuff is new.

Alabama Rigs
I also most had the new Guru's "Rig" in my hands. They just arrive Wednesday morning while I was shopping.  I wasn't going to be close to the office so I couldn't scoop up a few samples. Next week, I should have some time to pass by and get some. Expect some photos sometime midway through next week.

New Frogs
There are 2 new hollow body frogs for this year from Vok Fishing. The truly life like model is called a Croaker frog and the more traditional bait is called a Samrai Frog. Photo coming ASAP.

I got a phone call early this week. The designer of the X-Rig scolded me for using such a poor picture of the rig. So, I have samples of a few sizes so expect some much higher quality photos of the X-Rig shortly.

Enjoy the weekend.

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