Thursday, January 19, 2012

Florida Fishing: B.A.S.S. and FLW Start Their Season

Both B.A.S.S. and FLW started their Southern divisional tournaments today. FLW is on Lake Okeechobe and B.A.S.S. started on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Each are big bass waters but very different bodies of water.

The Harris Chain is a network of canals, lakes and dead ends. Staging bass commute these areas looking for spawning areas. Bass and bass anglers need to navigate endlessly to reach quiet spawning grounds. Anglers and bass hope to find a secluded area out of view of prying eyes.

When conditions are correct, fishing can be amazing. Fishing pressure can sink anyone's hopes of victory.  Tucked away in a dead end canal, bass have little room to escape as good sections of the Chain can get clogged with boat. Overcrowding will guarantee lock jaw.  If fishing pressure if held at bay, huge sacks of bass are waiting just like Shaw Grigsby displayed last year.

The Big O is a immense natural lake. With little variance in depth, it can seem like an endless weed flat. To the bass, especially spawning bass, the reeds, weed mats and pepper grass form a network that channels their seasonal migration. For the anglers who find these key areas, they can expect wave after wave of giant Florida bass. Wind is the fore on Okeechobee. With no natural wind breaks, water can muddy in minutes erasing acres of fish able water. The plus side is the wind can also push additional water into an area making a good place even better. Playing the wind, especially for anglers hunting bedding bass, is super important. If you cannot see them, you'll not be catching them.

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