Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Bassmaster Classic Coverage: How to Fish Lake Guntersville Now! PART 2

An in-depth analysis of Lake Guntersville and fishing the Classic
By Luigi De Rose

Kevin has been guiding on Guntersville for the
past 3 years. (Photos: BASS/Kevin Hunt)
With the Bassmaster Classic a day away, we wanted to know more about fishing Lake Guntersville in late February. Elite Angler and 2010 FLW CUP CHAMP Kevin Hawk shares his knowledge of his home lake.  
There is a saying, “You cannot win the Classic on the first day but you can lose it.”  Can the Classic be lost on the first day?
Hawk: It is really hard to catch up here. If you have a 10 to 15lb limit, you’re not going to go out and catch a 40lb limit the next day to catch up to the leaders. You need to be consistent all three days and have a really good bag one of those days. A really good day on Guntersville would be a 30lb day backed up with mid-twenty catches. 
I think 70 to 75lbs of bass will win the Classic this year.

Guntersville being so large, will anglers have a lot of crowding from other contestants?
There might be multiple guys fishing the same areas but it would be much different if the bass were way in the backs of creeks or dead–end coves. The bass should be in the middle or the outside areas of the creeks.  These areas are much larger so fisherman will have more room to fish. The top leaders will do their damage in a short time. They will hit the right cover at the correct time and catch several of them in a hurry. The trick is to hit the right window of opportunity. 

Who are your Top 3 picks for this Classic?
My Top 3 picks are:
1st Jordan Lee. He is young guy and a friend who knows Guntersville very well. He is a tremendous angler.

2nd Aaron Martens. He is such a strong angler.

3rd. Dean Rojas. Dean is another very strong angler. 

Thanks for giving IBASSIN your perspective on fishing Guntersville. 

You’re welcome.

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