Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pray for Tommy Biffle's Wife and his family.

Please pray.
Pray that Elite angler, Tommy Biffle’s wife, Sharon, recovers.
Tommy Biffle is a great friend of mine, great friend of many.  We have had many breakfasts together, many dinners, and I have to tell you that Tommy is a rock of a man, a fierce competitor, somewhat cranky, somewhat funny, one of my favorites on the tour.
I have talked to him when he has been mad, I have talked to him when he has been happy, this morning I talked to him as he was heartbroken.  Several times he couldn’t answer me, several times his voice cracked.
My heart goes out to my buddy.
Sharon, his wife of 34 years, the mother of his only daughter, Jennifer, Sharon the true love of his life, had a massive heart attack, open heart surgery and is touch and go.
Tommy this morning, “db she’s doing a little better today, last night was….bad…was bad.”
As I spoke to him his 56 year old wife lay in a hospital bed “attached to a bunch of machines, a respirator…”
Tommy, obviously will not be at the upcoming Elite event in Philadelphia, I asked him if there was anything, anything I could do to help, and came this,
“Just pray db, just pray for Sharon.”
And so I ask, we the entire family at B.A.S.S. ask, simply this, “Pray for Sharon, pray for Tommy, pray for Jennifer, pray that God’s hands cradles her heart and guides the hands of the doctors and nurses caring for her.”
Please Pray.

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