Monday, October 6, 2014

Five Fabulous Fall Baits for Bass

IBASSIN's guide to autumn bass fishing

By Luigi De Rose
This week IBASSIN will be highlighting five fabulous fall baits. Each day, one lure will be promoted on its merits of being an essential bass lure for this time of year. IBASSIN has readers from all over the world. These guidelines work best when integrated with local fishing conditions. Remember to  adjust accordingly but don’t neglect subtle daily changes. A few degrees up or down can kill or resurrect a day on the water.

Autumn can be some of the best or worst fishing of the year but it can also be one of the best times to catch a lot of giant bass. Weather is usually unpredictable making boating and fishing a challenge. Try keeping your spirits high during lulls in the action because your luck can change in a heartbeat.  Use this guide to help transform your fall bass fishing. 

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