Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Five Fabulous Fall Baits for Bass: Jerkbaits

Jerkbait are king of fall! 
By Luigi De Rose

*Special Video Feature: Jackall Pro-angler Cody Meyers explains how to fish jerkbaits next week*

Jerkbaits work exceptionally well when the water cools and the bass are thinking of eating.  Largemouth bass love them but smallies get all the glory. Jerkbaits are so versatile that there is almost no wrong method to using them. But, if you’re after superb fall action, the devil is definitely in the details.

Several key factors will affect where and how you fish a jerkbait. Consider these factors before you leave home.

Key Factors:
  • Water depth
  • Baitfish
  • Water colour
  • Water temp
Suspending jerkbaits with shallow lips have been all the rage for almost two decades. No one makes them better than the Japanese.  As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and that is very true with jerkbaits. An internal weight system, fantastic action, immaculate finishes and the finest hooks all help put more bass in the boat. 
Jackall and Shimano pro Cody Meyers knows
that cold water and jerkbaits like the Dowzvido 90SP
are truly amazing. 
These types of baits simply cast further, look better and have better action. Don't forget that many companies such as Jackall, Lucky Craft and Megabass offer deeper diving versions of their shallow baits. They're tailor made for cold, deep water.

Water colour and temps will play a huge role in how to fish the bait. Establishing a jerk-pause-jerk caddice is a must to catch the eye of a bass.  As the water become chilly the rod tempo must be slowed. A little used technique called strolling becomes stronger as we progress through autumn. Technically, strolling is long line trolling using the wind and trolling motor to propel the boat and bait along deep flats. Gingerly sweep the rod along instead of doing a wild dance is a better match for the conditions.

Bait and bass should determine lure size. Smaller sized baits can trigger moody bass, particularly pressured smallmouth. Down sizing tackle and moving to spinning gear is a must if you wish to launch them any distance.

Don’t hesitate to buck conventional wisdom. Exchange your favourite jerkbait with a magnum one can be great. Giant bass sometimes only want to eat once. A large bait will surely appeal to them.  This is particularly true when fishing around smelt. Smelt are long, nomadic bait and candy to bass. Matching their size, shape and look is a must. 

Jerkbait fishing is the corner stone to fall bass fishing. Often considered superior in the spring, these baits must be utilized in the fall.

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