Monday, May 25, 2015

JACKALL Spade T.G. Jig

Pro-grade JACKALL JIG a hit.
By Luigi De Rose

The JACKALL Spade T.G. Jig quietly came onto the scene a few years ago. Jigs don't get a lot of media attention but they sure rack up big bass awards. Here are some truly great features of this well made jig.
The Spade T.G. Jig's skirt comes with a cool spider leg skirt that produces great flare and bulk without a giant skirt. Unlike conventional American jigs, this one will respond much more quickly while worked through the water and burst open when stopped.

The spade shape is ideal for slipping over wood or worked through grass. The line tie is positioned at it's nose to allow for easy swimming if you wish to work it horizontally. The tungsten material creates a compact size compared to jigs pour from lead.

Available in 3/8oz and 1/2oz in 8 colours.

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