Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Looking of an Edge with Internet Shopping?

Search Saltwater Sections of Superior Selections

Bu Luigi De Rose

Japanese baits have been prized possessions for decades. Finding an edge by purchasing unique or new baits is always wise. I recall how amazing effective the Lucky Craft 100 baits were when they first arrived; then came the Megabass Ito 110s. Scores of anglers shelled out big bucks to gain the edge. With the web and greater access to Japanese lures, the opportunities to find that magic bait or unseen colour pattern has become strained.

One easy fix is to focus on saltwater baits. Japanese anglers have more access to the salt then to fresh water, so a huge percentage of their tackle stores cater to these anglers. You'll be amazed by the selection and variety available.

One neat thing is the assortment of jerkbaits, vibration and wake baits that are bass size in length but very hefty. Aimed for launching off sea walls, they become a smallmouth bass angler's dream on the Great Lakes were wind is always a problem. An added bonus is that these saltwater approved lures tend to be built more rugged yet they still maintain the superb finishes you would expect from Japan. Usually, the range of patterns and finishes are more flamboyant than for bass, so you'll find some truly cool baits.  
Check out this Megabass ONETEN JR SW. The SW means saltwater.

 Jig heads are also cheaper and superior. I stocked up when the Alabama rig craze hit and paid half of what I would have for specialty A-rig gear. Another benefit is that with metric sizing, anglers can really fine-tune jigs and hooks to create that something different local bass haven't seen. 

So, the next time you'll need to threat yourself to some shopping expand your search. 

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