Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lew's New Braid, Fluorocarbon and Monofilament Lines for 2016

Three Options of Great Fishing.
By Joel Isenberg

Lew’s APT monofilament
This legendary reel maker is now producing line. Their APT monofilament, braided and Fluorocarbon lines provides great choices. The APT Mono features enhanced cross-link polymer technology and will come in clear from 6lb to 25lbs tests. MSRP $12.99-$13.99

Lew’s APT Braid
The APT Braid is a green, round line made from 100% Japanese Dyneema Fiber in 6lb to 65lb test spools. MSRP $$24.99-$29.99

The APT Fluoro
Constructed with Japanese resins it provides great quality line that is consistent with Japanese exports. Spools from 6lb to 25lb tests. MSRP $22.99-$36.99

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