Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brett Hite's New JackHammer Vibrating Jig from Evergreen.

Chatterbaits are king in spring!
By Luigi De Rose

Brett Hite with the new JackHammer. (Photo: James Overstreet)
The chatterbait has now claimed its second Bass Elite victory in a row and doesn't seem to be losing any steam. Any vibrating jig sporting a coffin shaped blade has been filing livewells across the south for over two months. When bass swim shallow its chatterbait time.

One angler who has built a career on the back of a vibrating jig has been Arizona angler Brett Hite. Hite needed to learn how to compete on grass lakes so he decided to learn the chatterbait. This investment had claimed both his FLW wins and another two victories on the BASS Elite Tour. Brett almost grabbed another win this past weekend at Winyah Bay but was edged out by Britt Myers who also fished a chatterbait to claim his first BASS trophy.

In the courts, Z-Man lures has received the rights to manufacture the Chatterbait and has laid claim to any versions of this popular lure. Choices have become very limited. Elite pro Brett Hite has turned to Japanese based Evergreen International, one of his sponsors, to craft his own version called the Jackhammer. We know almost nothing about this bait. All that has been released is that Morizo Shimizu and Brett Hite teamed up to create it and for many that is all that is needed to give it a seal of approval.

Don’t expect to find the JackHammer at your local bait shop. This is a web only purchase for now. If you like fishing something new or different than this is a great springtime purchase.


  1. And where exactly on the internet can you purchase this lure. I've looked and looked; nothing.

  2. I'll look up some sites to see if they have the Jack Hammer vibrating jig yet. The Yamamotto trailer will come out in July at ICAST.

  3. Are there any online retailers carrying these yet? I've looked and can't find anything but if there is somewhere selling them I will order a bunch

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