Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ICAST 2016: Carrot Stix Gen X Elite Series Rods

1.     Gen X Elite Series
Defined as “the most advanced and innovative rods in the Industry”, Carrot Stix’s new Gen X Elite Rods were produced from years of genuine experience from unprecedented experts, professionals, and legends around the world.
“Carrot Stix™ is proud to offer a new series of rods. Carrot Stix Gen-X Elite for the Experienced Angler. With the Building on the resounding positive feedback from our CTI Pro series rods offered in 2014 we have added the Appeal from Professionals and Experts that are continuously contributing to the “Ultimate Fishing Experience” and now we are proud to be introducing the Next Generation of Tournament Rods” for the Ultimate Winning Experience.
The New GEN-X ELITE Rods boast an improved strength of up to 40% in their league due to an all new blank weave, making the whole rod Ultra-Light & Ultra-Sensitive.

Comes with an imported 5A Grade Cork Handle and FUJI guides –These Gen-X Elite rod’s new generation of Polymer Nano Fibers improves properties such as Shock Resistance, Vibration Absorbance, and Heat Resistance.

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