Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Dear Readers,

Well, ICAST 2016 is finally here and IBASSIN.com has you covered. So, how do you see all the latest and greatest videos, press releases and photos? This year we have a three prong approach to covering ICAST.

All the news will be put here daily. Often the official press releases trickle out and are only available after the show. Don't worry, we'll get them to you. This is especially helpful with rod and reels to find out the specs of the product you're after.

Best to like us on FACEBOOK. Photos will be uploaded on the fly. Out first round of photos starts today at the LIVETARGET special press release at 4pm.
Click here or link directly
or   https://www.facebook.com/ibassincom-265989363495983/?fref=ts

Videos will be staggered throughout the week and into next week. Find them here or on our YOUTUBE page.

 or find the link on the right.

Well try to give you the best coverage possible but its hard to stay focused as we drool over the newest tackle and gear.



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