Friday, July 8, 2016

ICAST 2016: Two New Reels from Carrot Stix

1    Spectra Series 2-Speed Spinning Reel
Carrot Stix™ is growing beyond fishing rods with the introduction of 2-Speed spinning reels to their product portfolio with their brand new Spectra series.  The Spectra offers on the fly shifting ability for anglers to change from 4.7:1 to 6.7:1 gear ratio in their 2000 series (also available in 3000).  “This will allow anglers more options when reeling in the catch, more versatility for the angler will only help ensure the fish stays caught.” Says Jimmy Davlouros, General Manager of Carrot Stix. “Much like how we revolutionized the fishing rod category, with these new reels, we expect to get all anglers to ask for 2-speed reels in the future. We already have orders pending for these reels before we announced them.” 


      Coral Series Casting Reel

Carrot Stix™ will also introduce casting reels in 2016 to complement the rod lineup with the Coral series. The Coral Casting Reel will offer dual cast control with both magnetic centrifugal control for line breaking, as well as titanium line guides for durability. The handle allows for a dual speed retrieve, varying the retrieval speed per turn depending on which handle is used. This allows the angler the option to change the retrieval speed based on the type of fish. Both the Coral and Spectra series have a solid formed Graphite body for both lightness and corrosion free use, ensuring smooth performance and protection from the elements.


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