Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Who Has the Right on Public Water? Mike "Ike" Iaconelli and Local Angler Scrap it Out!

Who does have the right?
By Luigi De Rose

This topic has come to a head a few times in 2016; conflict between fisherman and tournament angler.  Many cry foul during an event when a local comes in too close. It’s never cool to squeeze someone out of their fishing area but who really does have the right?  How many tournament guys have arrived at their best spot, spied a few boats fishing only to ignore them and willingly go right in. Their excuse is often that money is on the line so they just have to fish their best spot. If you own an aluminum boat, especially a Jon boat, I would say this has happened to you and probably very often. 

The pressing question is how much space does someone really need? Are you entitled to have 50m, 100m or 1km or jack squat? The unwritten rule of "first come first served" has always worked in the past but you cannot always be first. Regardless of which side you're on in this argument, have a look at this video and determine for yourself if Ike violated the respect of another angler. 

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