Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dyneema President delighted by victory in long-running patent battle

Intellectual Property Saved!
Originally posted in Angling International

Golnar Motahari Pour, President of DSM Dyneema, 
DSM Dyneema has won a major case challenging one of its key patents. The Netherlands manufacturer of the world’s strongest fibre, a major component of many top fishing lines, prevailed in a long legal battle with FMS Enterprises Migun, of Tel Aviv, Israel.
The publicly-held Israeli business had been trying to prevent the issuance of the patent through a series of opposition proceedings and appeals.
However, an Israeli District Court has affirmed a previous decision of the Israeli Patent Office dismissing the claims by FMS.
“This ruling once again demonstrates the strength of DSM Dyneema’s Intellectual Property portfolio and innovations and confirms its position in the field of high-strength fibres and ballistic resistant material solutions,” said a press release. “This decision is in line with the granting of corresponding patents to DSM Dyneema in other global jurisdictions, such as the U.S., China and Europe.”
DSM Dyneema confirmed that the ruling covers the yarns that are used for manufacturing fishing lines. The company invented UHMWP fibre, branded as Dyneema, which combines maximum strength with minimum weight and is a highly-coveted material among fishing line manufacturers.
“DSM Dyneema has consistently and rigorously defended its Intellectual Property on many occasions, and will continue to do so,” said Golnar Motahari Pour, President of DSM Dyneema. “It has successfully secured this same patent in several countries, and the patent has proven its relevance for protecting both DSM’s and its customers’ businesses.”

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