Monday, April 3, 2017


Offering advanced baitcasting reel technology both tournament and advance bass anglers require, Shimano introduces its re-engineered Chronarch MGL reels, now offered with lightweight Magnumlite spools and in three different gear ratios models. Weighing-in at 6.5-ounces, the six reels in the series include the Chronarch MGL 150 and left-hand retrieve 151 with 6.2:1 gear ratios, the 150HG and 151 HG with fast 7.1:1 gear ratios, and the MGL 150XG and 151XG with super-fast 8.1:1 gear ratios.

With many tournament caliber bass anglers, having continuity among all their rods and reels rigged on their boat deck can contribute to their fishing confidence. “The Chronarch MGL line-up is ideal for this, enabling anglers to have an array of lures ready to cast – and on the right speed reel for the best performance,” said Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development team. “Plus the Magnumlite spool allows a low amount of inertia, meaning the spool starts spinning with little force for exceptional casting distance and performance with both smaller and standard size lures.”
The Chronarch MGL reels also feature Shimano’s MicroModule Gears to provide extreme smoothness from super-refined gear teeth, plus proven X-Ship bearing support technology provides both smooth cranking and power. Anglers can also make quick brake adjustment – when changing to smaller or heavier lures or if the wind comes up – with Shimano’s next generation SVS Infinity braking system.
All six Chronarch MGL reels have eight ball bearings in strategic locations, and a one-way roller bearing for no handle back play. They’ll handle from 110 yards of 12-pound test mono or fluorocarbon, or 135 yards of 130-pound test PowerPro braid.
With their magnesium-constructed spool, the Chronarch MGL reels are designed for freshwater use only.

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