Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Renegade Bass 1000 Island Open Day 1: Nick Cousivis and Fab Marchese Lead with 26.79lbs!

38 Teams with over 20lb limits
By Luigi De Rose 

Ready to go! (Photo: Renegade Facebook)

Humid and fairly calm seas allowed the competitors to showcase what a world-class fishery the 1000 Islands and eastern Lake Ontario really can be. The team of Cousivis and Marchese took the lead with an incredible 26-79lb limit anchored by a 5.87lb bass. Second place goes to FLW Tour pros Chris and Cory Johnston who sacked 26.16lbs. Sitting in third is Troy Bresee and Nick Laninga with 24.98lbs.

Big bass honours went to Kinstler and Lecky with a 7.29lb brute.

Friday's weather is scheduled to have winds around 14kms but with a chance of a thunderstorm. The key to big water bass tournaments are having good weather and reasonable winds. 

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