Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shimano Launched New Bantam Baitcasting Reel at Bassmaster Classic


Going back 40 years, Shimano introduced anglers to Bantam - its first low-profile baitcasting reel. It began Shimano’s connection to bass anglers. A new chapter for Bantam reels begins with the introduction of the Bantam 150 MGL, now being offered in six models - the Bantam MGL150, 151, 150HG, 151HG, 150XG and 151XG.
Suggested Retail: all sizes - $349.99
“With the new Bantam MGL reels, we went back to the legacy we built with the original metal construction reels, and took advantage of 40 years of ever-expanding technology,” said Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development staff. “Anglers will discover the entire concept behind the Bantam MGL reel is all about rigid, solid, and sensitive. We incorporate specific design elements and technology to focus on that concept.”
            Bringing the rigidity of a machined round reel to a low profile reel, anglers will experience the Bantam MGL’s ‘CoreSolid Body’ design. “We are able to combine multiple parts and integrate the B-sideplate, frame and levelwind guard into a solid one-piece aluminum platform,” explains Epich. “After a day on the water casting and retrieving, anglers will notice the familiar, rigid feel of round reel design, along with appreciating the ergonomics, comfort and sensitivity of this low profile reel.”
Among the many features of these new reels is the super light MGL spool, which is especially helpful when casting lighter soft plastics and smaller hard baits. “By reducing the start-up inertia of the spool - how quick it starts rotating when you make a cast - we are able to offer increased casting distance when needed,” Epich said, “or provide you with better casting control for easy flipping, pitching and skipping situations.”
            Anglers will also notice the cold-forged aluminum brake adjustment dial housing is exposed on the palming side of the reel, is cold-forged aluminum, and is in direct contact with the spool shaft. “This adds an exceptional increase in sensitivity,” notes Epich, “to the point that you can feel the vibration of your lure going through weeds or rolling over a rock.”
            The Bantam MGL reels also feature Shimano technologies including MicroModule gearing for smooth, positive gear engagement, HAGANE body to improve rigidity and protect the gears, X-Ship for perfect gear alignment even under the heaviest loads and SVS Infinity Brake System for easy cast control. Each reel has seven A-RB ball bearings and a one-way roller bearing for no handle backplay.
            All six Bantam MGL reels will hold from 135 yards of 30-pound test PowerPro, to 110 yards of 12-pound monofilament or fluorocarbon. Retrieving 26-inches of line per crank, the Bantam MGL 150 and left-hand 151 have 6.2:1 gear ratios - the 150HG and 151HG take in 30-inches of line with their 7.1:1 gear ratios - and the 150XG and 151XG, with 8.1:1 gear ratios, pull in 34-inches of line per crank.
            “While our original Bantam reels launched Shimano’s entry into casting reels and the world of bass fishing, we see the new Bantam MGL poised to grow that legacy,” Epich said.

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