Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shimano Launches New Stella FJ Reels

Like its counterparts in automobiles and electronics, Shimano is constantly evolving its products, and now showcases the ‘next’ in technological advancements in the new Stella FJ reels. The flagship in Shimano’s spinning reel line-up, the five new models - in sizes for everything from trout and panfish, to bass and walleye, to tarpon, stripers and sailfish, include the Stella (STL) 1000FJ, STL-2500HGFJ, STL-C3000XGFJ, STL-4000XGFJ and STL-C5000XGFJ.

Setting it apart from past series, anglers will quickly notice new Shimano technology, including MicroModule II gear system, enhanced HAGANE concept constructed gear and body, X-Protect and SilentDrive.

“With Stella, anglers around the globe know we are always pursuing perfection,” said Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development team. “As our reel manufacturing abilities evolve and improve almost constantly - the Shimano way - we’re able to share that technology in new reels like the Stella FJ series.”
Available April 2018
Shimano’s MicroModule II gear system includes “gear teeth which are designed to the ideal shape to reduce vibration, providing a smoother performing reel,” Epich explains. “We then take smooth rotation to an even higher level with SilentDrive, a long list of micro adjustments and enhancements to reduce any handle play and eliminate any clicking noise in all moving parts.”  

Through design theory analysis, Shimano has improved the Stella’s overall durability. “By constantly evolving and constantly improving our technology, we are able to increase the strength of our already exceptionally strong HAGANE gear by 100-percent since the previous Stella reel series upgrade in 2014,” said Epich. “In addition to our standard water repellency treatment, X-Protect features Shimano’s labyrinth design construction that offers exceptional water resistance and prevents water intrusion without sacrificing light gear and rotation feel. Plus there is no anti-reverse switch where water intrusion can cause all kinds of problems, especially when used on saltwater flats and inshore coastal waters.”

Epich notes anglers will appreciate other proven Shimano features on the new Stella FJ spinning reels, including X-Ship, a front drag knob for precision drag adjustments, a ‘Coiled Wave Spring’ for a consistent drag curve, a longer stroke spool design to aid in longer casting distance, a light and strong, corrosion resistant Titanium bail wire, plus a smooth lipped, magnesium MGL rotor design that prevents line form tangling around the main shaft. The line clip will easily secure lines of various sizes, from the thinnest PowerPro braid to large diameter mono.

Perfect for light action and light line use, the 5.1:1 gear ratio Stella 1000FJ brings in 25-inches of line per crank. It holds from 85 yards of 15-pound test standard PowerPro braid, to 140 yards of four-pound mono or fluoro. The STL-2500HGFJ has a 6.0:1 gear ratio retrieving in 35-inches of line per crank, and can 145 yards of 15-pound PowerPro, or 120 yards of 10-pound mono/fluoro.

With the same body size as the 2500 but with larger line capacity - making it ideal for deeper freshwater situations and inshore saltwater use, the STL-C3000XGFJ holds 140 yards of 20-pound PowerPro, or 170 yards of 8-pound mono/fluoro. It will bring in 37-inches of line per rotation with its 6.4:1 gear ratio.

Both retrieving 40-inches per crank with 6.2:1 gear ratios, the STL-4000XGFI 200 will hold 170 yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 200 yards of 10-pound test mono/fluoro - while the large spool capacity/4000 size body Stella-C5000XGFJ can take 200 yards of 30-pound PowerPro, or 195 yards of 12-pound test mono/fluoro.

“Smoother, more efficient, and improved durability - it’s all about ever evolving technology, and our quest for the best,” said Epich. “It will be hard to believe by those who have been attracted to our Stella reels for what is now more than 20 years - but yes, we did make them better.”

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