Wednesday, March 28, 2018

G Loomis Redesigns E6X

Providing bass anglers with both performance and value, G. Loomis launches a redesign to its popular E6X Series to make them more durable and even lighter. Available to anglers for the 2018 fishing season, the new E6X bass rods includes 33 models offered in both technique specific, along with G. Loomis’ universal ‘Mag Bass’ (MBR) casting and ‘Spin Jig’ (SJR) spinning actions.  

Built around a performance platform with a focus on weight, balance, sensitivity and action, “our E6X bass rods are the perfect choice for anglers who have never experienced what it’s like fishing a G. Loomis rod,” said G. Loomis senior planning manager - and noted bass angler - David Brinkerhoff. “And for those anglers who want to add specific actions to their rod arsenal - say a big swimbait rod or a dropshot spinning rod for some finesse fishing - the E6X series will have it covered.”

The slight weight reduction on rods was done while also increasing overall durability. “When you can go light and stronger, along with providing a smaller sized guide train for better balance, it was the right time for this nice upgrade to the E6X bass rods,” said Brinkerhoff. “Plus with the 14 spinning rods offered in the line-up, anglers will appreciate the added in-hand comfort from a more streamlined reel seat.”
The 13 technique specific casting rods include jig and worm rods in 6’8” to 7’5” lengths, a 7’5” flip/punch rod, a 7’4” and 8’ swimbait models, 7’ crankbait rods and a 6’9” spinnerbait rod. “With many bass tournament trails now allowing longer rods, this redesign provided G. Loomis the ideal time to introduce and 8-foot rod,” said Brinkerhoff.

For spinning rod situations, the E6X technique specific models include a mag-light and mag-medium 6’10” DropShot rods, and 6’10” Shakyhead rod.

“As G. Loomis has done since our inception, we also provide what we call our classic actions in the E6X series,” Brinkerhoff notes. “These are more all-around action rods for multi-purpose use.” They include six MBR casting rods in 6’6” to 7’6” lengths, a 7’6” flipping rod, and size 6’ to 7” spinning rods.

All the E6X technique specific casting, MBR and SJR rods come with full cork grips, Fuji guides, plus the casting models also feature and Fuji exposed blank trigger reels seats. The technique specific spinning rods feature split cork grip handles, along with Fuji reels seats and guides.

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