Tuesday, June 26, 2018

3 Ice Baits to Score More Summer Bass

 3 winning ways to ice summer bass!
By Luigi De Rose 
A guy from Tennessee I’d been chatting with at the boat ramp tells me he’s never seen smallmouth fishing this good. I can’t resist asking. 

“What’s the magic bait?” I inquire.
“A Rapala Jigging Rap, of course,” he states.
Yeah, of course! Never in my life had I thought to try one in open water. Yet, wintertime bait does work, and not just through the ice.
Here are three exceptional, though underused, ice fishing baits that perform amazingly well in open water for bass.

1 Mopping up with a Damiki rig

If you ice fish, you’ll likely be a master at the Damiki rig. Centred on the 3-inch Damiki Armor Shad minnow bait on a VMC Halfmoon Jighead (hence the name), this is one of the best

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