Saturday, August 11, 2018

2018 Forest Wood Cup Lake Ouachita Day 1: Alex Davis Leads with 13-10lbs!

Cory Johnston in 4th!

Alex Davis best them all on difficult first day.
(Photo: FLW)
Alex Davis was talking with his dad, Jeff, before the Forrest Wood Cup about who was going to win it.
“I told him whoever was going to win this thing would do it on luck,” Alex says. “By God, that’s exactly what happened today for me.”
He’s not lying. The Albertville, Ala., pro went from a single 1-pounder at noon to a day-one-leading 13 pounds, 10 ounces through a comedy of randomness.
Setting the scene, Alex figured he had some solid stretches where he could catch them shallow on topwater, and they certainly showed they were there, as he had seven blowups throughout the morning. He only landed the lone dink, and he lost another three on a worm.
“I have no idea how,” he says.
Finally, he made a move and caught a pair of small fish. Another move prompted a fourth.
“My dad told me before I left today, ‘Don’t come back with four,’” Alex says. “I knew of one brush pile. So I went there, made one cast and the second it hit the bottom I set the hook. So then I had a limit and decided to head in.”
However, there was still a little time left before the 33-year-old had to check in. He decided to stop on one more area. First cast he caught a 3-pounder on something “special” he didn’t want to discuss until tomorrow.
Again, he was “done,” but he still had a little time left. So with 10 minutes to go he stopped at a random cove he’d never even been in before.
“My last cast I caught my biggest fish of the day,” Alex says. “I slung him in the boat, pulled up my trolling motor, tossed out my smallest and checked in. How crazy is that?”
Obviously, luck can be fickle, so when it comes to day two the pro has “no idea” what he’s going to do or how well.
“I may just go throw topwaters again tomorrow,” he says. “I had all those blowups. I do know I’ll check that one special thing. Everyone will see it tomorrow on live, but if it goes it could be awesome.”
1. Alex Davis – Albertville, Ala. – 13-10 (5)
2. Nick LeBrun – Bossier City, La. – 13-5 (5)
3. Zack Birge – Blanchard, Okla. – 13-1 (5)
4. Cory Johnston – Cavan, Ontario – 12-8 (5)
5. James Niggemeyer – Van, Texas – 12-2 (5)
6. Wes Logan – Springville, Ala. – 11-9 (5)
7. Bradford Beavers – Summerville, S.C. – 11-6 (3)
8. John Cox – DeBary, Fla. – 11-3 (5)
9. Jason Lambert – Michie, Tenn. – 10-0 (5)
10. Justin Atkins – Florence, Ala. – 9-14 (5)

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