Friday, May 14, 2021

2021 MLF Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Lake Eufaula Day 1: Bobby Lake Cracks 20-08lbs and Lead!

Shallow and deep all paying off for Top 5


Bobby Lane lead stellar crew of anglers.
(Photo: MLF) 

Few things in professional bass fishing are as lethal as experience, confidence and momentum. And when all three are working together, you have the kind of year
Bobby Lane is having.

Lane currently leads the Bass Pro Tour Angler of the Year points after two Top 10s in BPT events so far this year. In addition, he is also fifth in the Angler of the Year points in the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Presented by Bad Boy Mowers after three stops. Just seven days ago he finished runner-up at the BPT event on Lake Travis in Texas by a mere 2 ounces.

From Travis, Lane traveled straight to Lake Eufaula for the Grundéns Stop 4 Presented by A.R.E. of the Pro Circuit where he finds himself in the lead after Day 1.

“Recently I just can’t seem to make a bad decision,” Lane says with a smile. “Things have been going really good this year. Like today, I caught a 5 ½-pounder in a foot and half of water where I was not expecting to get bit. And I boat flipped everything and never lost one, which usually never happens.

“It is momentum and I got it right now,” he continues. “I feel good. I feel healthy. I just feel like fishing every single day. We are at the time of the year when I can fish all my strengths: flipping, frogging and swim-jigging.”

Today Lane fished those very strengths to catch five bass weighing 20 pounds, 8 ounces to take the early lead. He staked his claim in the shallow portions of Eufaula, targeting shallow fish that are still up feeding after the spawn.

Though he had hoped to tap into a shad spawn this morning, a late boat draw coupled with dropping water and chilly northeast winds extinguished Lane’s shad spawn hopes.

“I stopped on a place where the shad had been spawning this morning and I could tell it just wasn’t happening,” he says. “The water has fallen about two feet since practice started; there wasn’t even enough water in the grass this morning to keep the lure running right. So I left there and went north fishing some places I had gotten bites in practice.”

From there, Lane estimates he caught about a dozen keepers on the day. His first two fish were a 4-1/2- and a 5-pounder.

“I’m doing what I love to do,” he says. “A swim jig, a frog and flipping. I just wish they would close the dam and back the water up some and give me another shot at those shad spawn fish tomorrow morning. We have a warmer night coming tonight and I’ve got an early boat draw in the morning. If the water would stop falling, I’d like to get off to a fast start with a shad spawn bite and then run my other stuff to see what I could do.”

Top 10 Pros

1. Bobby Lane – 20 – 08 (5)       

2. Jason Abram – 20 – 03 (5)

3. John Cox – 19 – 02 (5)             

4. Evan Barnes – 18 – 06 (5)     

5. Justin Lucas – 18 – 03 (5)     

6. Skeet Reese – 17 – 04 (5)

7. John Voyles – 16 – 13 (5)      

8. Ryan Davidson – 16 – 06 (5)                 

9. Brad Knight – 16 – 04 (5)       

10. Mitch Crane – 16 – 00 (5)

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